Mar 8, 2022

DIY interior design hacks to make your new house feel like home


A beautiful open living room.

Creating a warm atmosphere in your living space is the most critical part of making your house feel like home. The first step toward creating a sense of belonging is to think about what makes you feel comfortable, safe, and happy and then figure out how to incorporate those elements into your house or apartment. It doesn't have to be an expensive endeavor to make your new house homey. There are plenty of different DIY interior design hacks to make your new house feel like home and achieve a cozy feel! Follow this guide for some inspiration!


1 Set the mood

People seek beautiful home decor. The vast majority of us have already realized that browsing through home decor websites can ignite a creative spark we didn't even know we possessed. Creating inspiration boards for your house's design is the first step to achieving the home you've always dreamed of. You should take a step back and look at all of the photographs you've collected to get a sense of your design aesthetic after you've spent time searching for DIY interior design inspiration. There are many ways to express yourself creatively.



2 Know the space

If your new living space is small, you might feel lost. However, there are many easy tricks to make your small space look bigger. One of the easiest ways to do this is by hanging mirrors in each room of your new house. Mirrors help brighten a room since they reflect light around the area and give the illusion of the space being bigger. Light is also essential and can serve as a visual room-enlarger. If you place a torchiere or a canister upright in the corner of a room, the ceiling will be illuminated, making the room appear larger.

A small seating space in a homey house.
Even small spaces can shine and make your house feel like home.

3 Simplicity is an excellent way to make your house feel like home

If you've just moved into your new house, you might feel overwhelmed. You will have to handle many legal things and piles of moving paperwork, and it's crucial to have everything in order. You might not want to take up a paintbrush and give your house a makeover. One of the ways you can make your house feel like home without trying too hard is by rearranging your bookshelves. Organize your books, artwork, and memorabilia into a beautiful display on your bookcase. Empty the bookshelves and organize anything you want to keep there. You can arrange your books by color or size for a pleasing look. Think about your bookshelf as a display in a museum or art gallery, and you will undoubtedly create a masterpiece!


4 Get your hands busy

You can create many things yourself even without a lot of skill. The great thing about DIY is that you can reuse many materials around the house and turn them into something beautiful. For example, you could make photo frames with some pieces of wood or twigs. Wooden pallets can also be reused in many ways. You can reuse old glass jars and bottles as storage space in the kitchen or paint them into vases for your flowers. There are plenty of inspiring DIY projects like these on the web, so get to exploring!


Three hanging vases for the home made from old lightbulbs.
Don't be scared to do some arts and crafts for your new home! There are many DIY interior design hacks to make your new house feel like home.

5 Now is the time to organize

If you haven't already moved and are still packing up, you might realize how much clutter you own. The movers at remind us that having fewer items to transport lowers the cost of relocation. Any unkempt corners, lampshades, curtains, rusty appliances, or dusty carpets that you've been keeping should be cleared out. And, if you don't utilize something, give it away to those in need. Less plastic bottles, old cardboard, newspapers, and the like will help your home feel less cluttered. Once you have all the belongings, you have decided to keep safely transported to your new home, and after the dust settles comes the time to thoroughly clean and organize your new home. Organize your closets and cupboards. It's time to reorganize your new kitchen shelves with labeled containers and spices arranged in alphabetical order.

6 Add color to make your house feel like home

If you want to make your house feel like home, you should add your personal touch. And what better way to do that than painting the walls! If you’re feeling extra creative, consider painting a mural on the wall. You might also want to paint some pieces of furniture to give them a fresh glow and flare. If you decide to paint away, make sure you understand what color palette you’re going for. 

Paintbrushes for home renovations in a paint can.
You can express yourself through paint and colors.

7 Rearrange 

If you've had the same pieces of furniture in the same place in your old house for too long, it's time to change things up. Move your sofa in the living room in a different direction. The best way to create a cozy chat area is to cluster several armchairs together. A U-shaped or H-shaped seating area around a coffee table will make your living room look super comfy.


8 Artwork placement

A piece of art hung too high on the wall can look weird. Ideally, artwork should be hung at eye level. Don't forget about scale either- if you have big walls, go big with one oversized piece or combine smaller pieces gallery-style. Also, think about the theme of the artwork. You could organize them by topic. For example, put your florals in the living room to add some lively energy to it and your abstracts in the hall or your bedroom to wind things down. 

The bottom line

It's not in everyone's budget to pay an interior designer to come into their home and create beautiful and integrated decor. Many of us also prefer to be in charge of the design and express our individuality. We hope these DIY interior design hacks to make your new house feel like home will help you achieve that. Happy designing! 


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