Jul 18, 2018

Reading This Will Help You If You Want To Stage Your Home

When I was in the market to sell my house, the most common refrain that I heard was stage your home. Stage your home to sell faster, stage your home to get the asking price, stage your home to avoid lengthy discussions etc. I then did stage my home and it did help in selling my home faster. The following tips are the ones that I learned while I staged my home and I hope this will help you to sell your house quicker.

  • The first impression is the lasting impression, you have to catch them early, these catch phrases are the real deal. When a buyer is visiting your home with the intention of buying it you need to create the lasting impression and to catch them early you need to make the impression strong. This can be done by cleaning the curb, placing some potted plants, raking the lawn, mowing the lawn, painting the mail box, painting the garage door, painting the outer walls, painting the main door etc. If everything looks spic and span and if you find it attractive and neat, chances are the buyer will also feel the same.
  • The living room is very important. Ideally you should remove any excess furniture because this room should look big and there should seem to be a lot of space. In fact, many buyers visualize their furniture in the room before buying, so minimize the furniture. I did not do this and my living room looked cluttered and I lost a few buyers because of this. All I had to do was search for cheap storage Staten Island as I used to stay there and I would have been able to rent a storage unit. I understood this later and I did hire a storage unit and place my excess furniture there. Another important point for all home sellers is that you should keep your drapes open and allow as much natural light and air to enter the room. More the natural light more the chances of a quick sale.
  • The kitchen did not seem to have any problems for me. We used to have a wonderful time there. However, the prospective buyers found a lot of faults in the kitchen and they wanted me to reduce my asking price since they would have to foot the bill to repair the kitchen. Just one tile was cracked and the buyer said that the repair cost would be high as all the tiles would have to be changed and hence my asking price should also reflect that. I did what I do best, I went and bought a tile and changed it myself, it cost me very less and now the prospective buyers did not have any leverage on me, they could not ask me to lower the price based on that. So, while you stage your kitchen ensure that the small issues are taken care of.

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