Oct 6, 2014

Why Choose Underfloor Heating this Winter?

Autumn has definitely hit the UK, with temperatures falling and winds rising. Although the sun is desperately trying to hang-on in there, it’s clear that Summer is now over. But this news isn’t all doom and gloom, autumn means that winter is coming and with winter comes those cosy nights in, buried under a duvet and events like Christmas and Guy Fawkes.

It’s this time when strain is put on our heating systems at home, when they’re really tested and the need for hot water and heating is more than ever. Indeed, a broken boiler can mean a painful few days waiting for an engineer to call.

As important as reliability, is sustainability too; renewables are beginning to play a bigger part in our energy supply across the world and it’s crucial the everyday person works on becoming less reliant on fossil fuels. This is where underfloor heating installers can help, utilizing renewable fuel such as solar, air source and ground source. This isn’t just for residential users either, commercial and even industrial users can see massive benefits here not just on their ongoing fuel costs, but their Corporate Social Responsibility and their commitment to moving the UK forward in renewable energy.

Along with the renewable benefits of utilizing underfloor heating, there’s also the ability for this type of heating to provide more consistent heating temperatures - albeit typically they take a little longer to warm-up than radiators. Whilst on the subject of radiators, there’s the benefit of not having to install them, meaning lots more space in rooms and no ugly radiator to try and conceal or work around.  

The ability for underfloor heating systems to be installed during a new build or retrofitted into a house is a great plus, meaning homeowners of all ages can benefit from this efficient way of heating your home.

There’s some great articles out there about underfloor heating and the benefits and drawbacks; as with any major decision, it’s important to take all the factors into account before making a purchase, speak to a specialist, get details and reviews and speak to people who have had the heating installed. Whilst investigating this alternative heating method, it’s well worth looking at the different boilers available too and exploring how renewables can help you and your ongoing fuel bulls. Of course, there’s an up-front cost but knowing you’re not reliant on supply through a pipe is a big plus.

In the UK there are renewable grants available to help you fulfill this kind of ambition too so there’s no need to let financial barriers stop you from making a difference to your home and your impact on the planet.

A final consideration is the feeling of underfloor heating, in winter there really isn’t nothing better than stepping out of a bath or bed in the morning onto a warm, heated floor. That feeling alone is worth the exploration of this new system and tackling that cold UK winter. 

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