Oct 9, 2014

Exterior Wall Insulation : Essential Things You Should Know

Home is undoubtedly the most favourite place on Earth for any individual. No matter where we go and what we experience, we always long to get back to our home, such is its magic. It is but obvious for anyone to put much efforts in making this home a more comfortable place to live in. So, just as you try to deck up the exterior and interiors of the house, it is also necessary to take all the necessary steps towards making it a safer place to live in. External wall insulation is an obvious way of making your house a more comfortable place. In fact, today, external wall insulation is considered must for all types of buildings.

Why Exterior Wall Insulation?

Although the modern day houses are built with insulated walls, there are chances that your comparatively old house might lack the insulation. Also, if your new house is in the process of being constructed, you must know what exactly external wall insulation is and how it helps. Insulation basically helps in managing and maintaining the power utilization of the house. It stabilizes the overall temperature of the house. Simply put, without the insulation, you would feel too hot in the summers and too cold in the winters.

There are certain other additional benefits of exterior wall insulation. If your house is aging and requires renovation work, the wall insulation will play an important role in improving the house’s appearance. The internal brickwork also remains protected by filling the cracks and diminishing chances of draughts caused by such cracks. However, for houses with an attractive frontage, the exterior wall insulation should be better applied for the rear part of the house.

Types of Insulation and Finish

Exterior wall insulation is not a very difficult job to carry out especially if you have gathered quality accessories from reputed dealers and manufacturers. The insulation can be of two types, cladding and rendering. Cladding involves timber panels, stones, clay tiles, aluminium panels and shingles. The striking thing about cladding is that it is available in attractive, eye-catching forms and colors. Rendering, on the other hand, includes a thick cement and sand mixture, applied all over a wire mesh. Depending on the construction, a lighter coat of cement is also often put on a strong fiber mesh.

When it comes to exterior wall insulation, one must choose the type of finish carefully. If you are opting for great outer looks, you should go for a textured and smooth finish. However, a painted or pebble made surface guarantees easy maintenance. Whatever finish you choose, be rest assured that this will cover the entire brick work and the appearance of your house.

While venturing out to insulate the exterior walls of your house, make sure getting the accessories and equipment from recognized dealers online. These dealers will ensure you with quality items from the leading manufacturers of the respective product lines. With them, you can also expect good customer care services.

Author-Bio- Jennifer, associated with a company offering a complete range of high quality power tools and drywall products, offers thorough information about exterior wall insulation.

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