Oct 8, 2014

Method for Choosing Furniture for Different Room

Living room furniture

Living room furniture usually include TV cabinet, sofa, coffee table etc. Consistent style, texture, color and proper size with living room is the standard for picking living room furniture. The number of living room furniture should be controlled properly – capaciousness is the key for living room furniture layout. If you do not know how to choose matched furniture, complete  set furniture is recommended.

Choose TV cabinet according to personal preference and visual effect.
Customer can choose TV cabinet according to personal preference or the size of living room and TV set. If the living room and TV set is small, ground type TV cabinet or glass TV cabinet is good choice. If both the living room and TV set is large, assemble audio-visual combination or plate TV cabinet is recommended. Ground type TV cabinet not only can install multiple audiovisuals, but also can exhibit the collection of homeowners. The design is durable and beautiful. It adds nice scenery to living room.

Quality and workmanship matters when choosing sofa
1. Check whether the frame of sofa is solid. The quality of frame has close relation to sofa’s service life. Raise one side of sofa to 10 cm, the other side of sofa should also be lift.
2. Check the quality of sofa filling. Press the armrest and backrest of sofa. If you can feel the frame obviously, then the density of filing is low and the elasticity is poor. The frame of sofa with low filling density can also accelerate the wear of sofa cover and reduce the service life of sofa.
3. Check the resilience force of sofa. Sit on the sofa in free fall way. Your body should be bounced by sofa at least two times.
4. Pay attention to the details of sofa. Check the bottom treatment of sofa; the leg of sofa is straight or not; whether the surface is smooth or not. Is there non-slip mat on the bottom of sofa leg?
5. Check whether the paint color of different part on sofa is uniform, the seam is firm and flat, the craftsmanship is exquisite.

Bedroom is the most private part in our home and the most romantic and unique part in our home. The most important function of bedroom is sleeping. Then bed is the foremost furniture in dream bedroom. Here are some attentions for customer when choosing bed:
1. Bed frame: high quality bed frame is the precondition of good bed. Bed board should be sturdy enough to bear people’s weight. The bed board is better to be composite board. There should be no noise when people sleep on it.
2. Mattress: there are two things people should pay attention to when choose mattress –elasticity and size. People has different requirement on the hardness of mattress for different sleeping habit. Good mattress can adjust elasticity automatically when people change sleeping posture. Therefore, customer should sleep on the mattress with different posture when choosing mattress. As people will turn over when sleep, the size of mattress should be large enough for people to turn over freely.

Kid’s bedroom furniture

Create a comfortable room for kid is the best present parents can give their kids. As kid lack self-protection awareness and is active, security of kid furniture is important.
1. Health first: formaldehyde is the most dangerous thing in furniture. Therefore, environmental protection performance of furniture is a key point for kid furniture shopping.
2. The corner and edge of kid’s furniture should be child-proof. There is no sharp part in kid’s furniture.
3. Furniture paint: paint with pungent smell often contain harmful chemical substances. Kid is active. They like to scrawl on furniture. It will cause damage to paint. Therefore, the paint for kid’s furniture is better to be water proof and easy to clean. This can be solved by cover crystal board on the surface of table.
4. Avoid glass and mirror on kid’s furniture. I will hurt kid once it is damaged.

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