Oct 14, 2014

Getting It Right with Wood

Wood is the most enduring material we use in our homes. We use wood for furniture, for flooring and even for accessories. We also use it to skirt the walls, to add a picture rail, for our doors and window frames, and the list goes on. It could be argued that the reason for this is because wood is a low cost, accessible and versatile product, but that’s just the half of it. Wood is also a fabulous way to bring the outdoors in and to create a natural, rustic or traditional style. Also it’s one of the only materials that can produce something truly, naturally beautiful. Wood heightens all our senses, from sight with its natural form, patterns and shades to touch and even smell. 

Wood overload is possible so it’s important to get it right. If you don’t think wood overload is possible, think about Eighties’ pine paneling. Wood often works better as a complementary part of your interior designs rather than the main player; it’s best used in statement pieces of furniture, photo frames and wall detailing.

Many people make the common mistake of thinking they need all the wood in one room to be the same type, but this simply isn’t the case. Mixing woods can add both depth and warmth to your room, as argued on House Beautiful.

As a rule of thumb, the more expensive the wood, the better it looks, but you can still use it sparingly to have an impact. Shelves built with MDF but finished with oak edging, for example, or a couple of statement, solid mahogany coffee tables from vintage shops can add a pleasing feature.

Making Savings

Because wooden furniture and accessories tend to live longer and actually improve with age in comparison to pieces made of plastic or glass, it’s far easier to pick up second-hand items at low prices. Traipsing around second-hand furniture warehouses may sound tedious but there are some real bargains to be had by going direct to the people who clear houses rather than the vintage retailers who spruce up items and sell them on for much more money. There are so many websites online, such as http://uktv.co.uk/home/item/aid/963/  that show everyday homeowners how to renovate or revitalise wooden furniture, often at very little cost and with little previous skill.

Interior designers and builders who are assigned with projects that involve a lot of wood can make huge savings by buying wood in bulk. This is especially true for carpenters who are employed for a number of jobs in one home. This is also the case for interior designers buying items such as wholesale photo frames or picture frames. Even high quality wood items from companies such as http://wallspace.co.uk can be bought for less when purchased in bulk.

Using wood correctly is really important in the home and when it’s done well, it can add so much warmth and vibrancy. Using wood doesn't mean splashing the cash, either, and both professionals and homeowners alike can save a lot of money by buying in bulk or by sourcing vintage finds.

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