Sep 6, 2014

7 Reasons to use Spray Foam for Underfloor Insulation

There are many reasons to consider spray foam for underfloor insulation. Although spray foam underfloor insulation is more expensive upfront compared to conventional insulation alternatives, such as fiberglass, polyester or foil, spray foam will provide ongoing benefits without degrading over time.

1. Save Energy
Spray foam for underfloor insulation helps maintain the temperature in your home. This occurs due to both the high R-value of the insulation itself as well as the reduction in air and moisture infiltration created by the air barrier that they foam creates. As a result, you will save money by reducing costs on energy operation.

2. Safer Environment at Home
The use of spray foam will reduce moisture infiltration which reduces the likelihood of mould as well as reducing pollen and dust infiltration. This makes your home safer to live in and minimises the chances of developing health problems related to exposure to mould, pollen or dust.

4. Highest Insulation Performance
Compared to other materials that are commonly used for underfloor insulation, spray foam is considered the most effective form of insulation due to it high R-value and due to the fact that it does not settle over time, like other forms of insulation.

5. Sound Reduction
Installing spray foam as your underfloor insulation can help reduce noise transfer by blocking the small air gaps that sound can pass through.

6. The Environment
Besides the cost saving, another advantage to using spray foam for underfloor insulation is the result for the environment. With spray foam insulation, you will reduce your carbon footprint by using less energy to maintain the temperature of your home.

7. Keep the Floor Warm
One area of the house that is usually difficult to keep warm is the floor. Spray foam for underfloor insulation is great at achieving better floor temperatures and without any ongoing costs, it is certainly cheaper to ‘run’ as opposed to heated floors.

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Underfloor Insulation underfloor insulation installers, specialising in the use of spray foam insulation.

Our underfloor spray foam insulation method means we can fill every nook, cranny, crevice and void, greatly reducing air intrusion, air movement and heat transfer.

Lowering heating costs in winter and cooling costs in summer and ensuring comfort all year round.

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