Sep 17, 2014

3 Biggest Bathroom Makeover Mistakes to Avoid

What could go wrong when you set out to spruce up your bathroom?

At this stage, you must have prepared a checklist of things to add or remake in your bath space. Maybe you want to replace your toilet, tub, fixtures, or bathroom vanities. Or perhaps you fancy giving your dated bathroom a trendier look. Being the highly organised person that you are, you might have also started calling suppliers and contractors to ask for quotes about their products and services.

All seems well.

Yet at the back of your mind, you are still wondering what you can do so you won’t make a lot of expensive mistakes. Listed below are three of the biggest bathroom makeover mistakes to avoid

Unrealistic Budgeting

Giving your bathroom a boost doesn’t have to break the bank. But it also doesn’t mean you should go for cheap and low-quality materials for a cost-efficient bathroom remodel. If you can’t afford the best material for your tub or toilet for instance, then continue saving for it. Smart homeowners check out as many stores as they can to get the benchmark cost of materials before they make any purchase.

Knowing the average price range of materials you require helps you in getting a more accurate estimate of your bathroom renovation expenses. If you are planning to hire someone to do the complicated aspects of renovation, then be sure to include their labour charges in your estimate.

Inadequate Setting of priorities

The best bathroom designs are both fabulous and functional. Architects and interior designers agree that a well-designed bathroom has a purposeful, practical arrangement. Check your personal taste against what’s recommended by the experts. After all, they have been in the profession long enough to understand what materials, themes, and combinations have worked well.

Don’t be tempted to paint the tiles with bold red just because you’ve heard about new or hot bathroom design trends. Instead think hard about the single most important change you need to make in your bathroom. Sometimes, even the tiniest makeover – changing the tops or vanity – can make a huge impact on the overall look and function of your bathroom.

Overestimating your Skill

So you’ve got a new apartment or bought a new house. It’s your first home therefore you want to make sure that every corner of it reflects your personality. Unfortunately, carpentry, tiling, plumbing, and painting will not likely make it to your top skill set.

Good news is, you can hire a competent contractor to do the entire bathroom renovation job for you. Though you hired pro to remake your bathroom, you can or should still oversee as many aspects of the project as possible.

If you want to cut cost on your bathroom makeover plan, come up with a list of everything that needs to be done for your desired transformation. For example, you can assign to the contractor tasks that you are not capable of doing.

·         Demolition
·         Design
·         Faucet
·         Flooring
·         Lighting
·         Painting
·         Vanity Installation
·         Wiring

More complicated jobs such as demolition, plumbing, wiring, and tiling are better left to the pros. For easy ones, you can learn to do them through instructional videos, books, and internet articles. Unleash the savvy researcher and handyman in you.

In which stage are you now in your bathroom makeover process? What bathroom renovation challenges have you encountered? Let us hear your thoughts at the comment section so we can help you with your specific concern.

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