Sep 30, 2014

Which Industrial Blender is Right for Your Company?

Industrial blenders can make quick work of almost anything placed inside. Though similar to traditional blenders in terms of how this units work, you'll find industrial designs that are large enough for you to stand inside. Companies that use these blenders include bakeries, commercial manufacturers and even restaurants that make their own ice creams and smoothies. Using an industrial design can increase your overall sales, but you need to know which one is right for you.

Ribbon Blender
Ribbon blender
A ribbon blender features large sharp metal pieces that move in a circular motion. Those pieces form a ribbon shape that runs down the center of the machine to ensure that the edges cut through all areas of the ingredients placed inside.

Continuous Blender

If you want something that you can set and forget, you'll want a continuous blender. As long as there are ingredients placed inside, it will keep moving and blending until you hit the power button. Many newer designs feature safety mechanisms that shut the machine off when an emergency occurs.

Paddle Blender

You might see paddle blenders used by bakeries and restaurants. Instead of sharp blades, these blenders use paddles that spin along set spaces in the blender to better incorporate ingredients.

Fluidizer Blender
Fluidizer blender
Looking for something that will pulverize nearly anything you place inside? Check this out. A fluidizer blender is easily the biggest and baddest blender on the market. Multiple sharp paddles placed throughout the machine move constantly to pulverize ingredients, which makes it a popular choice in smoothie shops. Look at all the different types of industrial blenders before making your final decision. 

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