Sep 25, 2014

Guide for Choosing Folding Sofa Bed

For modern people, multi-functional furniture is necessary. It not only can suit different needs for people, but also can save space for people. Among them, folding sofa bed is a good choice.Then what is the method to choose it?  
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1. Proper size
As folding sofa bed can be both used to sit and sleep, size is essential for it. Generally, the height of seat is better to be 35 to 42 cm. The depth of seat is between 48 and 55 cm. The gradient of back is between 100 and 108 degree. The height of armrest is 62 to 65 cm. These data satisfy the ergonomicstheory. It will not good to relax human’s muscle and cause ache of human body when use for long period.

2. Firm frame
The frame of folding sofa bed is made of hard wood or metal. Customer can check the fastness of sofa bed by shaking the furniture with hand forced and repeatedly. If it is possible, check whether there is rotten part, worm damaged, scar on the hardwood on the frame at the bottom of sofa bed. The joint of different parts are connected by mortising and then bonding by glue, not by nail.

3. High quality surface material
When choose leather folding sofa bed, the leather should be plump, lustering, smooth, and have fine texture, pliable and tough touch and no scar. The wrinkle can disappear or not obvious after repair.

When choose fabric folding sofa bed, observe whether the fabric is fine, closely woven, thick and solid. Washable bed cover is convenient to clean. You can change the cover when you need to give fresh look to your room.

4. Foam and elasticity
The cushion and back pad of high grade sofa should use high elastic foam sponge with density above 30 and 25 kg/m³separately. For increase the comfort level of sitting and sleeping, some foam has soft treatment under the condition of do not reduce density; some have vertical spring in the cushion to improve its rebound resilience and ageing resistance. Generally speaking, the sofa cushion sinks about 10 cm after people sit down is best.

5. The flexibility of folding sofa bed
Most folding sofa bed need to open the folding bayonet or pull out the sliding chute when turn the sofa into bed. Some sofa install pulley at the bottom for people can move the sofa easily. These also belong to the key parts of sofa bed. Customer should pull, push or open and close the sofa bed repeatedly to test its flexibility.

Hope the five points can help you find the satisfied sofa bed. Click here for more home improvement tips.

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