Jul 8, 2013

Creating a Sense of Brightness and Space in Your Home

Having a vivid and expansive home is easy to create with the right mentality and organisation system, however can be extremely difficult, especially when you have one without the other. Brightness and space are, in essence, silent partners, working together to give you the environment that is perfect for you and your family.

When you are redesigning your home, it is likely that you will want everything to fit in, from the theme of the home to the colour scheme. It is important that you choose a theme for your home as it may look odd if one room is extremely modern, while the rest has a French country feel.

The theme of your home is something that you should consider carefully, especially as you are unlikely to redecorate for a long time. It should be chosen depending on your taste with the consideration that you will be living in that environment for a long time. Modern and country are the two basic themes, however they can be more complex than this and will have an effect on the look of your room, from the wallpaper to the furniture you choose.

It is important, in any room to have an organisational system and without one it can be extremely difficult to create a sense of space. Everything in your home needs a place where it belongs and without one it can be extremely difficult to create a spacious room. An organisational system is achievable in a number of ways and while cupboards and drawers are the most conventional storage techniques there are alternatives that provide you with unique and unobtrusive ways of storing your belongings, including an ottoman bed.

You could create a floor plan, which will allow you to manage your space accordingly and if it is as accurate as it needs to be, it can provide you with clear images of your room and the best designs for it. Simply having a floor plan will reduce the amount of time the redesigning process takes by giving you an idea of the space that you have available. It can also minimise the costs involved, as you will be more aware of the size of the room, therefore minimising your chances of overbuying.

Brightness is ultimately created by the amount of space you have and also any natural light. It is important that you embrace any natural light in the room, avoiding blocking any out and enhancing what is available to you. Mirrors are great at reflecting any natural light and therefore strategically placing them opposite a window will create the best environment. To further increase the amount of light available, choose bright and light colours for the room, as they are natural reflectors, which will make your room look brighter and ultimately bigger.

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