Jul 25, 2013

Precautions and Remedies for Water Damage

A home requires regular maintenance and checks in order to prevent damage and limit expenditure due to major repairs. Apart from the normal electrical and plumbing jobs that may arise in a home from time to time, there are certain major checks that can prevent damage to property. Most often, seepage is a major cause for concern as it can do heavy damage to the interiors as well as the structure of the building.

Precautions from Water Damage
One area of concern is the plumbing. Leaky pipes, washers, taps and faucets are some of the common problem areas. Physical check for leaks is the best way to detect them. The other way to do it is to hear for sounds. However, there is every scope that the leak may be in a concealed pipe in the floor or concrete or even in the walls. In such cases, wet patches around the area show water damage. One word of caution in such cases is to first find the exact location as well as size of the leak with the help of various devices before breaking or digging up the area. Professional help is available where plumbers use different kinds of listening devices or radar detectors to do a foolproof fix for the problem.

Simple leaks as those in taps and washers can be fixed with home maintenance kits and having some good quality sealant comes in handy as well. Checking the valves and faucets for leaks at regular intervals is also very important. Shutting off damaged valves before replacing them can prevent a lot of water damage.

Roofs, drains and gutters are most likely to be the reason for water seepage. Maintaining the waterproofing in roofs is very important to protect your home from water damage. Good quality materials need to be used as they offer true value for money. They come with a performance guarantee and thus best protection as well. Clearing drains and gutters of debris is very important in order to prevent water backup and related damage.

Sometimes the siding of windows, fasteners, channels and panes can develop cracks and thus allow seepage. Another problem area is the garden. Most often irrigation is through concealed pipes and detecting leaks in them could be rather difficult. Sometimes there is sound while most of the times it goes undetected. Change in utility bill is definitely a sign of leakage and the simplest way to detect it is by monitoring the meter reading. Shut off all valves and monitor the meter. A change in reading even when there is no water being used shows the presence of a leak. To detect leaks in concealed areas use specialized equipment to be sure of the location.  Planning the landscaping around the house is another important factor. Proving proper drainage and maintaining slopes for water to run off are all important for the structure of the home as water backup can severely damage its foundation.

Remedies for Water Damage
Using appropriate sealants to fix the problem is thus very essential. Before doing any major repairs understanding the construction, age and quality of the structure is very essential. The repairs have to be well planned taking into consideration all of these factors. Proving a sump pump to take care of water backup during monsoons is a good way to prevent damage to the foundation. Regular physical checks of all water sources around the home are the best way to prevent water damage as well as its associated repairs.

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