Jul 11, 2013

Why Music Boxes are the Perfect Gift for Little Ones

Music boxes have been around for centuries and despite all of the computer games, dolls and gadgets available today, are still a favourite toy for many children. Here, we discuss why these items are a lovely present for young children (and their mothers!).

A decorative toy:
Music boxes are a wonderful addition to any nursery, not only because of the gentle, tinkling music they produce, but also because they work well with the decor in this type of room. You can find a music box in almost any colour, shape or size imaginable nowadays and they often come with pretty patterns which add a lovely look to the space. Moreover, a music box is the type of special, nostalgic present which can be kept for years and passed down from one generation to the next. Unlike other, more disposable toys for kids, these are sturdy enough to last for decades and are a wonderful little family treasure for everyone to enjoy.

Charming music:
However, whilst having a beautiful box in the nursery is a great way to make the space appear even prettier, the best thing about a music box is of course, its music. The sounds produced by these items tend to be very soothing and are often classic lullaby tunes, which will help mothers when they want their baby to fall asleep. In addition to this, should the baby wake up in the middle of the night, as they often do, playing the music box for a few minutes will help them to get back to the land of nod a little more quickly.

There are plenty of other childrens music boxes which use lively, daytime appropriate music, that are ideal for use during playtime. You can opt to buy more than one music box, or you look out for a box which plays multiple tunes, although the latter is more economical and will ensure that the child doesn't become bored with the box too quickly.

Styles and colours:
In terms of the style of the music box, there is a huge amount of choice; some are quite simple and unadorned, whilst others come with cartoon characters or pretty patterns on them. Multi-coloured music boxes are a particularly good choice for kids, as they tend to love bright, bold shades. There is also a wide range of music boxes that come with little characters on the lid, that twirl around in circles as the music plays.

Opt for quality:
If you're hoping to keep the box for a long time and pass it down through the generations, it's important to make sure that you buy from a reputable retailer and that the item itself is made from high quality materials. Wooden childrens music boxes are a good option, as these tend to be very durable and so are likely to last a long time, without becoming scratched or damaged.

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