Jul 31, 2013

Easy and Affordable Landscaping Ideas

I will always remember a sentence that one of my design instructors used frequently: if the eyes are a mirror of the soul, a garden is a mirror to the owner's personality. If you think this is a bit extreme, think about what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you drive past a neglected garden or front yard. And don't get me wrong, it does take a fair deal of effort to keep a garden in decent shape, and considering the hectic schedules that most of us have today, the last thing you want to be doing when you get home from a busy day in the office is to don your gardener gloves and start digging or transplanting. And if you cannot relax and take a day off on the weekend, when can you?

Over the years, I developed an interest in coming up with creative and simple landscaping ideas. And although we all would like to have thousands of pounds available to invest in landscaping, most of us have to make do with a rather limited budget. If this situation rings a bell, read on for some tips on how to make the most of your garden easily and without spending all your savings in the process.

Know your garden

Next time you have some time off, observe carefully your how much light your garden receives and in which areas. Unfortunately, common mistakes like planting a tree that requires full sun in a less than optimal area can turn out to be costly. So the first step to save money in your landscaping projects is to know your garden like the back of your hand.

Minimise lawn care

Admittedly, there is much pleasure to be drawn from owning a lawn where the grass is perfectly green, lush, and cut to the right height. But did you know that British homeowners spend more than £400 million a year on lawn care? Personally, I have no quibbles in recommending artificial grass for that perfect grass look. There are some great companies out there, like Perfect Grass Ltd., that sell high-quality artificial grass that looks just like the real thing. Even some National Trust venues have resorted to artificial grass recently!

One plant, two (or more) functions

So you want your plants to give your privacy from neighbours and passersby while adding a touch of charm to your garden, and if they give any fruits, so much the better. To do all that on a budget, you need to go for double-duty plants, such as apple trees, blueberry shrubs, thyme, and the underrated chive, which produces eye-catching lilac flowers in addition to being one of the most versatile herbs.

Colour me beautiful

Regardless of the size of your garden, make sure to use the colours of plants, flowers, and ornaments to create contrasting patterns. This simple solution will immediately light up any garden and make it look like a dream come true. And you don't need to break the bank to get a few begonias, pansies, lavender, artemisias, or Jerusalem sage.
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