Jul 31, 2013

The Power of Aluminium!

It is the great modern industrial product; and lends itself very well to home renovation, thanks to its diversity. Aluminium is affordable, safe, and it is really appropriate, it can be used more than almost any other metal. If it is alloyed with different materials, it be made variably stronger or more malleable, heavier or lighter, depending on what you need it for, and is therefore often used for foundations, fittings, and finishes in the home, because it is light and durable. So, if you are doing a home construction or renovation, you should consider how you can incorporate aluminium. You can get creative with aluminium thanks to its versatility. Speak to your builder about how to incorporate it.

It is inexpensive, durable, widely usable and versatile, nontoxic, easily alloyed and easily worked with, and naturally abundant, it is so popular in modern building.Aluminium has scientific  advantages too. It is a wonderful thing to use in home construction and renovation due to its high strength to weight ratio, corrosion resistance and recyclability. The recyclability of aluminium is of particular importance to its sustainability, especially because of how widely used it is. The buildings of today can be used as aluminium resources for the buildings of the future, meaning that it has major energy and resource advantages. Being a flexible metal, it can be alloyed and worked for all sorts of different purposes and into almost any form or shape, while still retaining strength. When alloyed with a metal like magnesium, aluminium is virtually as strong as steel. Aluminium is durable, and it is also impermeable, so very effective for keeping out light and air.  Being non-magnetic and non-sparking means that it can used near explosives without a problem, and is also an effective thermal barrier, which means both that it can act as a barrier against heat, and a conductor of heat, depending on its application.Aluminium reflects heat and is impervious to rust, so you can be confident in using it in any outdoor capacity, it will last a long time without a problem.

Suppliers like Aluminium Trade Centre in Melbourne can show you the different types of aluminium available. Aluminium is very safe to work with so you can incorporate it into your DIY projects without a worry for health and safety. That's more than you can say for some cheap building materials! Here are some ways in which you can save money, save the environment, and make sure that your renovation is long lasting and easy to maintain.

Aluminium can great to use in the following ways:

·         Window shutters
·         Gates
·         Joinery
·         As cladding or as a gutter. Aluminium doesn't rust, so it will make a good gutter. It is also light and sturdy, so even if your house is surrounded by trees it should hold.
·         Stairs and verandahs
·         Furniture
·         As a shed or shelter or pagoda. Sheet aluminium is the best outdoor material.
·         Bathroom fittings and fixtures
·         Air conditioners
·         Humidifiers
·         Any kind of frame, particularly for solar panels
·         Beams
·         Garages
·         An outdoor patio or outdoor fittings like benches
·         Ponds
·         Doors
·         Door frames
·         Swimming pools
·         Child-proof fences
·         Slides, swings, and play equipment for children
·         Tables
·         Pagodas and shade givers
·         Planter boxes and pots for your plants
·         Fencing and balustrades
·         Windows, doors and other opening. Doing your windows right is a great way to save energy
·         Scaffolding
·         Use it to make your letter box! Make this a DIY project!
·         Security screens and doors
·         Use aluminium to glaze.

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