Aug 1, 2013

Ideas for Updating and Refreshing Your Floors

There are many options available to people improving their homes when it comes to flooring. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose between the styles, but ultimately it comes down to weighing up your needs against your preferences and arriving at a decision which comes close to meeting both.

Flooring options

Broadly speaking, you are looking at three choices when it comes to flooring: carpet, wood or tiles, although within these areas there are many different styles and permutations. For example, you can purchase carpet tiles to go within your room, have a wooden floor laid or have tiles which have a wood effect. As you can see, there are many ways in which your floor can be presented, so it is important you choose the correct option for your circumstances.

Wooden flooring explained

When considering wooden flooring, there are a range of considerations to bear in mind, in order to ensure you are making an informed choice. Firstly, there are three main ways in which to get a wooden floor effect within your house. Perhaps most convenient is to check the actual floorboards in your home to see if they are suitable to be varnished and polished to have a beautiful and natural effect. Alas, this will not work in many homes, so you are looking at a suspended flooring option, either real wood or laminate flooring. When looking for real wood floors London or any other city, a professional installer is necessary, whilst laminate flooring can be laid without resorting to the pros.

When comparing real wood with its laminated cousin, there are some key differences. Laminate flooring is generally far cheaper and easier to install than a real wood floor, but on the other hand, it is far less hard wearing and tends to age far quicker than solid wood flooring. Similarly, real wood flooring can be varnished in a choice of shades, or even painted if required, whilst laminate flooring is far less versatile.

Carpets for the uninitiated

Carpets have fallen out of favour as wooden floors have grown in popularity, although they are still preferred in bedrooms and other upstairs rooms due to the fact that they tend to absorb much more noise. The choice of colours, piles and designs of carpets is almost unending, but this choice should make it much simpler to choose a carpet which will match the rest of your ddcor without too much fuss.

Tiling over the floor

Floor tiles are often favoured in kitchens, bathrooms and toilets, due to the amount of water often used in these areas. Again, tiles are available in a range of materials: vinyl tiles are incredibly waterproof, but often don't last as long; ceramic tiles can break if subjected to large impacts and slate or granite tiles can be very expensive. Ultimately your budget will have a large bearing on your decision if tiles are the answer.

Of course, mixing and matching could be key for your house, there is nothing wrong with a wooden floor coupled with a cosy rug.


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