Aug 31, 2013

Top 5 Tips for Purchasing a New Sofa

What should you focus on when purchasing a new sofa? Some of the most important things that you can consider include how much of an investment you can make in a sofa, as well as how you can get a good deal in terms of quality and durability. At the same time, it’s important to think about how you can best use the space that you have in your home, how you can match your decor, and what flexibility you can gain from different types of sofas.
1 - Making an Investment

It’s always worth making a decent investment in a sofa, especially if it’s going to be one of the centre pieces of your home, and something that you’re going to use every day. To this end, it’s worth considering the benefits of designer sofas, which can last longer, and use more high quality materials than other sofas. For example, Lazytime Sofas, available through Camerich, use birch supports, as well as premium down feather cushions to enhance comfort.

2 - Getting a Good Deal

Whatever sofa you choose to buy, it’s important to keep an eye out for the best deals; this means comparing the market for sofas online, as well as checking to see whether you can get a good guarantee and warranty from a supplier. It’s best to avoid buying a sofa without viewing it first, while you should check that joints are properly connected, and that springs can stand up to pressure. Cleanly tailored seams are also recommended if you want the fabric of your sofa to last for a while.

3 - Measuring Space

Before you buy a sofa, you need to work out how much space you have to use in your home; this means taking measurements of your home, and of sofas before you order one. You should also check to see whether a sofa will leave enough space for other items of furniture, as well as whether you’ll have enough room to easily move and clean behind it. It’s also worth measuring door frames so that you can actually get your new sofa into a room.

4 - Matching Decor

When buying a sofa, you should look into matching it as best as you can with the rest of the decor in your home; this can mean buying a sofa that uses neutral colours, or that can be easily altered by throws and cushions. Complementary colours can also be used if you’ve recently redecorated, while leather sofas can be an idea if you want to find dark shades that can be easily worked around. Always view a sofa, or a sofa swatch, in both natural and artificial light before making a decision.

5 - Flexibility

It’s worth investing in a sofa that can be adjusted into different combinations, depending on the space that you have available. For example, in small apartments, you can benefit from modular sofas that can be separated into parts, depending on how many corners you need, and whether you want to add in chaise longues and other sections. It’s also worth considering whether or not a sofa can be folded out into a bed.

Author Bio: Lisa jane is a freelance DIY and interior decoration writer. She currently recommends checking out the designer sofas available at Camerich if you want to make an investment in quality for your furniture.
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