Aug 22, 2013

What Makes a Bedroom?

Whether you're male or female, your bedroom is the one room that's yours. Even if you share it with your partner, it's that one area of the home that expresses who you are.
This is partially because it's more private. Guests and other household members have access everywhere else in your home but when it comes to the bedroom, it's your personal private space. As such, you should want to feel comfortable and relaxed in there. So, how do you go about putting those personal touches into the room?

The bed

First and foremost, it takes a bed to make a bedroom. Your choice of bed, obviously, says a lot about you. Yet there are other ways to change and transform a room's look. Being the focal point, this means updating the bed's image.

For instance, a simple change in colour can better reflect your personality. This can be cheap and easy enough to do. For instance, there is a wide range of bedding at Sainsbury's that can help add a little spark of personality and life.


Of course, a room still needs to be practical, so how does a practical bedroom fit in when trying to express yourself? In short, the two should go together. This is why some people have open wardrobes or shoe racks. Your items, especially clothes, represent who you are just as well. Having these visible can make just as much of an impression as the colour of the walls.

The same also goes for storage. Drawers and wardrobes are obvious features, but shelving can be just as good. This lets you put up the more unusual items or treasured photographs; the small touches that hint at your life.

This puts them on display whilst the range of shelves available lets you express your options but do you go for traditional, organised shelves or something more modern? The small detail makes the biggest change; especially when it's in a room you spend a lot of your personal time in.

Cheap additions

Finally, don't be afraid to make that small addition. Whether it's a throw pillow on the bed or a vase in the corner, a small item here and there can make a subtle, yet strong, impression. Focus on what you want, like and enjoy and the room will become more suited to you as a result.

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