Aug 1, 2013

Is This Area Right For Me?

Choosing a new house can be tricky. It doesn’t matter if you’re renting or buying – the same principles apply. There are so many questions that need answering before you can even think about making a decision. Is the property in a good condition? Does it have any problems that need monitoring? Is there enough room to turn the back bedroom into a nursery one day? What’s the neighbourhood like?

These are all important questions, questions that need answering before a young couple or family can be expected to place their trust and their future in a property. It, of course, makes sense to worry about the inside of a house first and the outside later. Yet, many first time buyers become so enamoured with certain properties that they forget to ask themselves whether or not they could feasibly live in the area in which it is located, says Yahoo Homes journalist Bethany Lyttle. When it comes to choosing a new home, it is vital that you consider its surroundings too. There’s nothing worse than believing you’ve picked a dream house, only to find that there’s a crime hotspot round the corner. 

Here’s a guide to picking the right area for your new home.

Know What You Want

Picking the perfect house, in the perfect location is going to be almost impossible if you don’t have any notion of what it is you’re looking for. If you’ve got your heart set on a chocolate box cottage far from the confines of the rat race – you might have to move quite a distance, depending on where you’re moving from. Similarly, if you’re looking for a chic city apartment – do be aware that you’re not going to find one if you live in the Yorkshire Dales and staunchly refuse to move away. Decide what you want and how much you’re willing to compromise, say the experts at Forbes magazine.

Check For Connectivity

Do bear in mind any transport needs that you might require from a prospective new area. If you’re moving house but keeping your old job – can you sensibly commute from the new location? If not, are you able to work from home? What about the kids - will they ride the bus to school or will you take them? Check out bus services, train services, road conditions and any traffic issues in the area. Factor everything that you find into your decision. It can be tempting to buy or rent a home that’s a lot further out than you’re used to. However, if you can’t get to work or get the kids to school – your brand spanking new home won’t seem so perfect anymore.

Be Aware Of Local Developments 

It’s extremely easy to find information about local developments in a specific area – most places have their own local authority which regularly publishes lists of individuals who have applied for planning permission. These lists include the name of the applicant and the location and nature of the planned build. If you ask, most estate agents will tell you whether or not there are any big developments planned for the area that you’re considering moving to. There’s no guarantee though and an estate agent has no legal responsibility to inform you of such things, if you haven’t asked them directly. The last thing you want is to move into a new home, only to find out that there’s a shopping precinct planned for right next door, say the experts at 

Long Term Potential

Ask your estate agent about the future potential of the area that you are considering. The best areas to move to tend to be those that are still ‘in development’ and those that are investing in infrastructure and commerce. These locations tend to be at their most affordable, just before they become wildly popular and get a whole lot less affordable – so to speak. Catch an area like this whilst you can. You won’t regret it.

Author Bio: Lisa jane has been a property developer for seven years. She recommends Balgores Property to anyone looking for a reliable, trustworthy estate agents in Basildon area. Lisa likes to blog about various topics on selling your home, from interior design to finding a reliable estate agents.

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