Aug 30, 2013

Rug Cleaning isn’t a Simple Job!

I’m already at home for three days -after being hospitalized for almost a week. It’s so nice to be home again. Thank God, the surgery that has been held on Friday 23th, 2013 was running well and I’m recovering now. It still needs more time for my wound to heal completely but I feel better now.

While I was at the hospital, many relatives and friends came to visit. One of them was my old friend, Fitri. Since we haven’t met for a long time, we had a nice conversation. Between lots of stories, she told me about her experience while having pilgrimage last year. At that place, she bought two wonderful hand-made rugs and then they were shipped to her home address.

Unfortunately, my friend didn’t know how to keep the special rug hygienic, dirt free, fresh and always looking good as new.  She did the rug cleaning job but it seemed that the harsh cleaning matter has damaged the rug.  She felt so disappointed and didn’t want to harm the other rug.

I recommended her to give the maintenance job to Green Choice Carpet Cleaning NYC as they are skilled carpet cleaners. Her specially made rug surely needs special care as well.  I thought that a masterpiece should be handled by professionals at a reputable rug cleaning company. Besides having required knowledge, they also apply the most suitable cleaning products and equipments. Trained rug cleaners are the right people to provide the best care to your valuable rug! 

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