Aug 14, 2013

Top 5 Easy To Care for Indoor Plants

It can be challenging trying to get your child interested in gardening. To begin, gardening can be a great deal of work. If your child isn’t naturally inclined to see the pint of working on gardening, having to go outside could seem like a chore to him. In the beginning, to help your child grow a deeper connection to the earth, you need to start him off an easy project – like a few easy-to-care-for indoor plants.

What does a plant look like when it is easy to care for?
It can take a child a long time to learn to voluntarily give of his time so that a plant is healthy and taken care of. To start him off on baby steps, you need to look for plants that have a few specific qualities.

1.   To begin, the plant has to look interesting and feel interesting to the touch. A generic plant isn’t good enough.
2.  If your child forgets to water the plant one day or waters it three times as much on another, the plant shouldn’t die. That would break your child’s heart.
3. The plant needs to be resistant to being exposed to the wrong temperatures or being kept away from the sun for extended periods of time.
4.   Flowers and potted vegetables are unsuitable because they only last a season. Children need long-lived plants, instead.  If your child’s plants don’t seem to live long enough under his care, it could make him lose heart.

What kind of plant answers to this description?
Houseplants are an excellent idea for children. Many kinds of house plant answer every requirement above. Some, like the Aloe Vera, are interesting, they live long and are resilient.

Once you get your child started off on a few simple, hardy plants, you can extend his range and fill all the windowsills in the house.

The Aloe Vera: Children being can be very sensitive to how things feel to the touch, take to the Aloe Vera plant as soon as they see them. These plants, with their fun waxiness, can be fascinating to children. The Aloe Vera is so hardy that your child couldn’t go wrong with it if he tried. These plants flower, too – with white, pink and scarlet blooms.

Cactuses: If it is tactile fun that your child craves, cactuses can be hard to beat. These plants are especially interesting to children who see them a lot in comic books and cartoon plots. They make liberal use of situations involving people landing on cactuses and jumping up in a fright. Nearly any supermarket gardening section sells grafted cactuses. Children love these for their colorful blooms, their sharp thorns and the way they ask for very little care. Zebra cactuses can be ideal, too.

The African violet: While this isn’t the easiest plant to care for, isn’t hard.  Many people keep a little African violet in a pot on their desks and enjoy their startlingly rich violet flowers. These plants need to be watered with care and need a small amount of sunlight.

The spider plant: Spider plants are very common houseplants – not least because they have great air purifying qualities. Your child will love the long, slender and richly green leaves that sprout in every direction. These plants need nothing more than a bit of a regular watering with distilled water.

Avocado: For a really interesting introduction to real gardening, you could give your child an avocado pit. While it takes a little bit of care to get one to grow well, your child could delight in seeing a familiar seed grow into an actual plant.

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