Aug 22, 2013

Things that Should be Considered when Using Vibration Welders

If you are going to be using vibration welders, it is important that you focus on safety while you work. Many people rush through jobs, ignoring easy things that could limit accidents and injuries. It is well worth your time to slow down and be safe, getting better results in the long run.
First of all, you should wear safety glasses any time that you are operating the welder. The high-speed vibrations could cause particles, shavings or pieces to fly into the air, striking you. What would have been just a tiny cut on your cheek could turn into extensive damage if the debris strikes you in the eye, and lightweight safety glasses can keep you safe.

You also want to wear heat-resistant gloves while you work. This is something that people often forget because there is not an exposed flame. However, the parts can still get to be very hot from all of the fast vibrations. If you touch the part without gloves, even if it is made of plastic, you could burn your hand.

Finally, you should have a fire extinguisher close by, for the same reason. The parts will essentially be heating up to the point of melting so that they can be attached together. When they cool, they form a single part. An incredible amount of heat has to be generated for this to happen. If something goes wrong, you can stop a small fire quickly with a fire extinguisher, keeping it from growing out of control.
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