Aug 28, 2013

I Care For Lawn Care: Midlothian, TX Homes Fight For Their Turf

Lose the lawn. It’s probably the last thing you expect to be banned, but with the threatened water supply in the driest parts of the country, the thirsty turf in front of your house is being called out for a major sacrifice. Some cities are paying homeowners millions of dollars just to have them get rid of their front lawns. In places where watering the lawn is allowed only during certain times of the day, the police are keeping an eye out for those who would need to be slapped with the corresponding fine. Environmentalists are pushing for a total lawn ban, saying the lawn is just a middle class icon that’s not relevant anymore.

In Texas, lawns are, thankfully, still legal. Families appreciate that they still have their own green spaces where children can play and they can build their sense of community. But people are now much more conscious of applying water conservation strategies that lets them maintain their front yard landscape without wasting too much natural resources. To promote responsible lawn care, Midlothian, TX city officials encourage practical watering practices. They tell homeowners to refrain from watering or irrigating their lawns from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Watering only after sunset is more efficient because water loss to evaporation can occur during the heat of the day. During the summer, voluntary and mandatory water conservation measures are likewise being implemented by the government to make sure every drop counts.

Another thing to consider when it comes to sustainable lawn care, Grand Prairie, TX homeowners say, is whether the tools and techniques are safe and non-toxic to the environment. A reliable landscape maintenance contractor can make sure the chemicals they use, if any, won’t harm the soil or contaminate the water line in the area. They can also recommend lawn-saving tips such as the right cut of grass, the right use of natural fertilizers such as mulch, and the choice of drought-tolerant plants.  

Responsible lawn care, Waxahachie, TX pro-lawn advocates say, can be good for the environment. By cultivating grass, plants and trees in your yard, you’re contributing to the greening of the community. As you know, healthy greens are vital to fresher, cleaner air and stronger soil structure. Take a cue from leading professional landscape management companies; they know the tools and techniques that use water efficiently. Better yet, invest in their services so you could utilize mowing, pruning, trimming and cleaning strategies that promote conservative water use.

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