Aug 4, 2013

Interior Design Ideas for Commercial Property

This article discusses ways to decorate a commercial property and how to blend a classy or homely and welcoming interior with an industrial exterior. It includes styles of decor to try and ways to make the space welcoming and conducive to buying.

Decorating a commercial space is a completely different job to decorating a home or house as your need to consider not just a few residents but all of the potential customers that may come through the doors. It is important to create the right ambiance but to also maintain an air of professionalism and competence that will make customers feel confident in your ability or product.

Keep it welcoming for all

You need your interior design style to suit the kind of customer you are hoping to attract, as well as making existing customers happy. So if you are decorating a nursery then bright colours and murals are ideal, but you will also want parents to feel that they are leaving their children in safe hands so clean looking areas and child friendly furniture are also important. If you are running a trendy bar you will need to appeal to the right clientele, but be aware that too trendy tends to go out of style very quickly, so focus on a timeless classic look. Use the materials that you have; painting commercial shutters can make your premises look great even when it is secured, so take the opportunity next time you have to get roller shutter repairs and paint the shutters at the same time.

Blend into the surroundings

Rather than decorating and covering up industrial structures and brick or steel work try including it in the look. This is a cheaper way to decorate and can look very good and professional for the right type of company. A bar decorated in this way will hold its style for a lot longer than one that has a lot more effort and is in the latest of trends which will look old and tired quickly; and exposed red brick gives a warm feel to offices or shops; just coat the exposed sections with clear sealant to minimise dust. Wooden framework is particularly attractive; sand down any exposed bits and use wax or a matt varnish to bring out the grain and colour of the wood and you will have an expensive looking space at a fraction of the cost than it appears to be.

Decorating a commercial space can be a tricky task, but as long as you think of the customers you are trying to attract and use the space and materials that are already available you can create some stunning effects with minimal cost and effort. Visualise what you are planning and then put yourself in the customers place and don't forget practical considerations such as enough space to move about.


Peter Smith is an interior designer who loves decorating commercial properties and has caused the need for commercial roller shutter repairs many times when he has turned his hand to mural painting on a steel roller shutter that secures a premise. He loves the contrast of modern and classic and particularly likes the look of exposed brick in a commercial environment.
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