Aug 19, 2013

Best Tile Cleaning Tips

Cleaning is a boring pursuit, at least for me. Therefore working as efficiently as possible so you spend as little time as possible on it is a priority. If you are cleaning tiles then use this guide to get all the relevant know how so you can get back to the important things in life. Like drinking gin, for example.

Ceramic Floor tiles
Ceramic floor tiles are ubiquitous- the most common of all tiling invariably found in most every home. They are fairly easy to clean due to their non-porous nature, however keep in mind these handy pointers to stay ahead of the game. Sweep the floor regularly to avoid any build up of dust and grime. Doing this (and doing it regularly) will help you avoid most any issue. If you need to clean the tiles properly, then all you really need is a mop with some mild detergent to get the job done. The one thing about tiles that can get dirty and stained easily is the grouting. If you are laying some new tiles, try and opt for a grey grout- it is the most neutral colour and shows grime the least. Although ceramic tile cleaning sounds simple, it is always wise to check the manufacturers advice in case there are any special requirements!

Terracotta tiles
If you are a fan of the Mediterranean look then terracotta tiles are a great Mediterranean looking building material. Terracotta tiles are inherently porous, so your first course of action should be to seal the little blighters! Makes sure you seal them extensively and also remember to reseal them regularly. Some people also advocate waxing the floor to add an extra protective dimension. Doing this is THE most important thing to do to look after your terracotta tiles. If you don’t they will soak up every little bit of dust, dirt and grime that comes into contact with them. As tiling is often found in the kitchen or the bathroom then it will be a lot of unwanted grime headed towards your beautiful terracotta floor! It is important to mention that once terracotta tiles have been laid they go through a natural ageing process for the first couple of years- make sure that you do not mistake the natural aging for grime build up. If your terracotta tiles are sealed correctly then cleaning should be doddle, just use a mop and a light detergent to gently slop away any grime. Another good cleaning detergent is linseed oil soap. If you have a buildup of salt deposits on your terracotta tiles then you can use a phosphoric acid based cleaning agent.

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