Aug 28, 2013

The 101 On Lawn Care: Maintenance Experts Share Basic Landscape Management Facts

Keeping your lawn well-maintained is more than just cutting overgrown grass. You need to consider a lot of overlapping concerns if you want your patch of green looking tidy, healthy and presentable at all times. Proper lawn care, Dearborn landscape management experts say, is an exact art and science. From the pruning strategies to the tools you use to the considerations you take on your location’s climate and soil characteristics, every decision you make will have an impact on the look and condition of you property’s most visible spot.

Mowing is the first (and often only) task that comes to mind when people think about lawn care. Southgate residents who take lawn maintenance seriously, however, know that keeping your turf in good shape entails a step-by-step meticulous process. Aside from mowing, there’s edging, which focuses on keeping the borders of your grass and your plants sharp and well-defined. Pruning the plants keeps them in good shape and health, while trimming and shearing are done to maintain a consistent, uniform and attractive appearance to your greens. Weeding should be done routinely to keep unwanted or harmful plants away. Finally, there’s debris removal, to ensure the area looks neat and clean.

The process mentioned above often refers only to lawn maintenance for residential areas. As the property becomes larger, more expensive and commercial, the process takes on a more complex approach. For instance, commercial property owners or managers may opt to avail of services using mulch (shredded pieces of wood, pine straw or its artificial alternative) which is added to the soil surrounding the plants as a way to lock moisture and prevent the spread of weeds. Aerating means mechanically removing plugs from the soil, as this will improve the consistency of the soil and make air and water seep into it more efficiently.

Landscape renovation is another oft-requested component of commercial lawn care, Taylor, MI property experts say. Depending on the condition of the property and the greenery and the preferences of the client, a landscape renovation can be anything from a simple turf renovation to a grand project of creating a green wonderland of annuals, perennials, shrubbery and flowering plants, with add-ons such as fountains, sculptures and installation art. Experts say commercial landscapes have an average life of up to 15 years, so taking advantage of the available services and technologies today can maximize and even extend its life.

Proper landscape management requires consistency. You need to regularly implement the right lawn care process according to the climate and soil condition in your area if you want to maintain the health and look of your landscape. Ask a professional to help you determine the efficient, cost-effective and environmentally safe lawn care system that’s best for your property.

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