Aug 6, 2013

Living the Olympic Dream in Your Own Home

It is a year on since the glorious London 2012 Olympics and big plans are in place for developing the Olympic site including around 11,000 new homes through residential development. 

Unfortunately many Olympic sites across the world have not quite lived up to expectations after the event and some are even ghost towns, but it looks like the site in Stratford East London is going to go from strength to strength. With great transport links, well established shopping and fabulous venues already in place it's looking like a great place to live in the coming years.

What is being planned?
The Olympic Park is going to be known as the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park from this year and the London Legacy Development Corporation is driving the massive developments forward.
The housing development is going to include 11,000 new homes in an environment that will be dedicated to creating a strong family and community feel. There will be specific neighbourhoods with different feels, five in total and they will be surrounded by open areas, green spaces and parklands. An ideal environment to live in, yet so close to central London via quick transport links.

The housing will be varied with planning going to include apartments in the more high density area of the site near Stratford City and all the cultural amenities it offers. There will be family homes in the less built up areas of the site including Georgian terraces and Scandinavian styled dwellings along the waterways.

Infrastructure plans include not only new roads but also sports and culture venues and activities and even a brand new high street that will run from the park in the north to the new neighbourhood to be known as East Village.
A new kind of living environment
This development will see thousands of people move to Stratford in the next few years. Not only will they experience a new style of living in London they will be living in a development striving to be energy efficient and low carbon. There will be green insulation, combined power and heat sources, heat pumps and green roofing.
Leading architects and designers from across the world are involved in developing the housing that will be on canals, in parkland, urban based in Stratford City and even in the former Athletes Village.
Something for everyone
All ages and incomes will be taken into account in the development. Homes will be available to rent or to buy and there will be affordable options to either partially rent or partially buy. It is a great plan for London that affordable housing in a fantastic environment will be available where people can also benefit from excellent infrastructure, transport links, cultural venues all in a rapidly growing area.
The rejuvenation of Stratford prior to the Olympics in 2012 was remarkable and went a long way to creating a great centre for entertainment and the arts and a growing retail centre that many people from all over London travel to. Now that affordable housing in an environmentally and family friendly environment is on its way, the former Olympic site will be part of a ground breaking residential development.
Della is an experienced freelance writer who has been contributing to websites and blogs for over ten years. She has been focusing recently on affordable housing and residential development opportunities across the country including those spearheaded by Pervaiz Naviede. Residential development is an exciting and fast changing area and he intends to follow it with intense interest.
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