Aug 12, 2013

A Clear House A Clear Mind

As the chaos within our daily lives increases, work becomes more demanding and family pressures grow we all look for a place where we can get some much needed rest and relaxation and have an environment where we can escape everyday life and be completely ourselves in a place that we have created. The home provides the perfect opportunity to recover from a stressful day and one of the best features of a home is the ability to leave behind any nagging issues as soon as we have crossed the threshold.

The set up and design of our homes is typically reflective of personal taste and the spaces that we crave to ensure we have a restful and tranquil home that offers us our own little slice of personal heaven.
It is not simply the design elements that control the atmosphere within the home but also the way it is kept and maintained can have an impact on the way you feel when you are in the house. A home that is unorganised, chaotic and untidy will leave you feeling in much the same way. It is near to impossible to relax in an environment that is not soothing and if you are constantly surrounded by clutter and rooms full of a large amount of items then you too will feel overwhelmed and will lose the one place that offers you sanctuary.

It is so easy for us all to have areas within the home that are cluttered, with the rate we make purchases, the items we insist on owning and the way in which we have to position our homes due to space restrictions etc. clutter is common place.  It is all too important to have a home that we can feel relaxed within and can come home to and not feel bogged down by the way it looks and the way it makes us feel and the first way to turn this around is to make an effort to rid your home and yourself of the clutter that dominates rooms, floors and work spaces.

The De-Cluttering Begins…

There are multiple benefits to clearing up the spaces within your home, other than just the need to clear the home to clear your mind…
  • Spaces will look significantly bigger and you will be surprised at the amount of room you actually have
  • Rooms will be used appropriately
  • After a chaotic day you will be able to come home to a restful environment
  • A welcoming home will ease the stresses and strains of everyday life
  • Clutter is usually a build up of items, sifting it through it will enable you to discover little treasures you didn’t know that you had
  • You may be able to sell some items that you no longer use which will bring a much needed cash injection into the home
  • You do not have to throw away any items just because you are not currently using them, storage Santa Monica can house the clutter until you are ready to incorporate any items back into the home
There is no reason to live in a home that appears to be overwhelmed with household items, paperwork and the little things that we seem to collect overtime. De-cluttering is a simple task that will transform the home, its look, feel and atmosphere and this will instantly alter the way you feel when you are in the house frantically trying to forget the chaos of the day that has passed.
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