Jun 23, 2022

Top Home Staging Tips for Summer

Windows opened as one of the top home staging tips for summer

Since summer is among the favorite seasons for everyone, you probably can't wait to enjoy long sunny days and chill outside at night. And while summer is approaching, you should consider making some improvements to your home for better enjoyment and more practical use. Since every household is different, the difficulty of this process may vary, but some tips may apply either way. For everyone who enjoys summer and likes to invite guests over for refreshing drinks, here are some of the top home staging tips for summer! 

Home staging tips for summer

While there are plenty of household blogs offering various advice on how to improve your lifestyle, no one knows your home better than you do. Before you start, make sure to have a strategic plan ready. The last thing you need is to make your home staging so long that you spend the entire summer doing it. 

What you will need to do is be practical and act like you are extremely short with time. This will speed up the process without the real reason, and by the time summer arrives, everything will be ready. Be creative and avoid spending huge amounts of money. Preparing your home for summer can be extremely affordable! 

Remove items you don't need 

Every home staging begins with making extra room! This includes removing items you won't be using during summer, which will only come your way when you least need them. Since lack of space is an often issue, there are many tips on how to maximize home space without major work. The best way is to start with storing items we mostly use during wintertime. Some of them include:

  • Winter clothes and shoes

  • Heavy blankets and bed sheets

  • Rugs and carpets

  • Portable stoves and heaters

  • Umbrellas and raincoats that are usually in the hall

sunglasses, camera, hat, and a cold drink on the table
Getting ready for summer also means making changes to your home!

Before you remove items from the list, make sure to wash and clean them. This will keep everything fresh until winter, and setting them up will be much easier. For heavier items, you can use your garage, attic, or even basement as a storage area. Just make sure to avoid pilling everything up as this may create more mess

Don't let the insects in

One thing that may not be cool about summer is having insects flying around constantly. That's why making your home insects-free is something you should focus on as soon as the weather gets nicer. Among other ways to keep insects out, installing fly screens and webs works the best. Not only will you be free of constant buzzing, but your home will still have its daily dose of fresh air! The one thing you definitely don't need is shutting everything down the entire summer

If you don't do it on time, then try pesticides. Although pesticides are not the healthiest option, you may achieve some results if you do it properly. Make sure there is enough fresh air while spraying it around. Also, keep your pets and kids away from those areas for as long as the instructions say. 

Learn from previous mistakes

For everyone who is planning to move just before summer, changing your location does not mean the same rules don't apply. Experts from Divine Moving and Storage advise that moving companies may provide certain guidelines, but home staging is completely on you. All those household rituals that didn't work previously should not be applied again. For example, if you previously tried keeping winter clothes and shoes on display, try storing them this time.

friends witting on the rooftop
Home staging tips for summer will provide a cozy and cool space for you and your friends!

In different areas, temperatures vary, and the only thing you will have to do is adjust to your new surroundings. For example, due to heavy traffic, summer improvements for Manhattan's homes will include cooling down the place constantly. Followed by some easy upgrades for your apartment, you will make your place a perfect oasis that will protect you from all that heat!

Make your garden ready

The whole point of summer is spending it outside as much as possible. If you are lucky enough to have your own garden make sure to turn it into a cool and refreshing area. Before you start adding chairs, tables, and decorations, you should deep clean them first. Declutter the green area and make room for everything you plan on bringing there. You are looking for a shady area that will protect everyone from the sun and make the time you spend there super enjoyable. Maintaining a garden is super easy, and you can do it every year in late spring. 

Keep your home cool

No one likes when the room temperature is higher than the one outside. It will quickly spoil your mood and become unbearable. The most common solution is to install air conditioners in a couple of rooms and turn them on from time to time. On the other hand, there are some cons of this method that people like to avoid at all costs. The air coming out of them is not healthy, they need to be maintained constantly, and the electricity bill can be huge! 

The best solution is to place fans in areas where you spend most of your time, like the kitchen, living room, and office. You can turn them on from time to time or always keep them running if the temperature is super high. During the nighttime, keep your windows open and avoid making big meals inside. This will prevent the entire place from being super-hot. 

a woman standing in her garden
Turn your garden into your personal summer oasis

In conclusion

Of course, there are much more home staging tips for summer that you can try out. Depending on the weather conditions in your area and the size of your household, you can add more to the list. Keep in mind that your home should be spacious so piling everything up is not an option. If you have kids, you may use the garden area for setting up an inflatable pool! This will bring your garden game to the next level; everyone will get a chance to cool down! 

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