Apr 26, 2018

Best Ways to Make Your House Free From Mosquitoes and Bugs

With the rapid spread of deadly Zika virus along with the fear of other harmful diseases like malaria, dengue, etc., it is important to know how to make the house free from the entry of mosquitoes and bugs. Of course, mosquitoes play a vital role in the ecosystem but at the same time, it does come with threats of killing diseases as well as itchy annoyance of bites on the skin. So, having home infested with unwanted flies is not at all ideal. Follow the post to learn some useful ways to make house free from the intrusion of bugs and flies.
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·         Get Rid of the Stagnant Water
Special emphasis is given for the removal of standing water through government campaigns and advertisements. Stagnant water is the home for female mosquitoes to lay eggs, so removing such water will restrict mosquitoes from breeding. In some cases, flies need standing water as little as 10 millimetres to breed eggs, even in a seashell.

Note: Always have close look at the water dish of the pet in the house as mosquitoes can even start breeding in such conditions.

·         Use the Magic Effects of Plants
In early days, teachers taught us that plants and trees are the best friends for humans and for the mankind also.This is indeed true as certain plants have insect-repellent properties. So, another best ways to make the house or the surrounding bug-free is to plant trees both in indoors as well as in outdoors also. Some of the commonly found species are Lemongrass, Aloe Vera, Catnip, Rosemary, Basil, Citronella, Lavender, etc.

·         Install Fly Screen on Windows and Doors
One of the most effective ways to control the flow of mosquitoes inside the house and to allow fresh air enter the house is to install fly screens for windows in Melbourne as well as in any other given locations. The best thing is that the window screens are merely visible and they are designed in a way to maximize the space. The screens are also environmentally friendly and restrict the entry of bugs carry viruses of deadly diseases.

·         Secure the Entrances as well as Outdoors
It is important to seal off the cracks and tiny gaps in the exterior as well as around the doors, pipelines, etc. The open space should be covered using quality mesh and screen to restrict fleas to enter the house.  It is also important to have the entrances of windows, chimneys, vents, roof shingles and even pipes tight-fit to make it safe.

·         Use Repellants
Using mosquito repellant on the naked skin is one of the most effective ways to keep fleas away from direct contact with the skin. And if they do not have the direct contact, there is no way of causing diseases. Different types of repellants are available in the market, so be specific in selecting the right one to make the best use of the same.

Last but not the least, even house owners fail to control the flow of mosquitoes, it is better to seek help from professional pest controllers. They will look after the areas that are more vulnerable as the breeding ground of fleas and will work efficiently on such specific areas. 

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