Apr 3, 2018

Tips to Maximize the Natural Light in Your Apartment

To keep your apartment filled with natural light you need to follow certain things. To be precise, there are several advantages in bringing more amount of natural light to the home. Utilizing the natural light rather than flicking on the light fixtures not just saves energy consumption but lowers the electricity bill as well. Most interestingly, the natural light brings out the beauty of both furniture and fabrics, thereby, giving an instant boost to your immune system.

Come, let us check out the useful ways to maximize and increase the entry of natural light in your apartment. And of course, if you are in Odisha and planning to buy a 3 BHK flat in Kalinganagar Jajpur, then make sure you remember these tips. 

Use Mirrors

As mirrors are a good reflector and absorber of light, placing a mirror right on the wall opposite to the window will be a great idea. When you place it in an adjacent position, the mirror will automatically mimic the window, thereby, giving everyone an illusion of additional windows in the room. As you place the mirror opposite to the window, the same will reflect both the views and light from the window.

Needless to say, that mirrored accents are the best when it comes to buying furniture. You can even arrange several mirrors on one wall to do the needful.

Play With the Colour Palette

Whites and light colours reflect natural light in comparison to any darker colours. So, when you buy your new apartment, make sure you paint the walls in cool tones like taupes and blue-gray shades. For the ceilings, you can use metallic and reflective finishes.

Make sure you get larger pieces of furniture that too in light colours for your apartment. To make the furniture pieces look interesting, add deeper or brighter splashes of colours. You can try this either on your pillows, smaller furnishing, knickknacks or throws.   

Work on Your Windows

There are a few window treatments like Roman shades which block the bright sunlight even when the windows are open. However, if you hung the sheer draperies on rings, you can easily allow the light inside your room. Instead of a double set, hang a single drapery. In that case, you can try the Venetian blinds, which are equally a good choice. This kind of blinds will help you to manage the amount of light that travels inside your room. In order to direct the natural light to a particular area, you have the provision to angle them when using the Venetian blinds.

Remove the Obstacles

Trim the trees and hedges that usually block your windows and keep all the windowsills clutter free. No wonder, this will help in maximizing the natural light in your new apartment.

Hope, the above-mentioned tips were helpful to you.

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