Apr 10, 2018

Choose Ikea Furniture Delivery and Assembly Service in NYC

While IKEA remains a favorite destination for affordably accessorizing or furnishing the house quickly on a budget, making the trip out to the crowded aisles on the weekend can be considered a challenge, specifically for anyone without a car. But imagine if you could miss the crowds and lines completely (and the temptations of Swedish candies waiting at the checkout lines)? IKEA has more than ten thousand items in stock. Nearly all these items are just available in the store. Through the use of iFurniture assembly LLC Set up in Brooklyn & NYC - ikea delivery service, all you need to do is choose the items you want to buy from the IKEA catalog or website and the others is looked after for you. Here's how...

Getting anything from IKEA, large or small, back requires careful planning and putting away the complete day's plan. Are those pretty dinner plates well worth holding around while heading to and from IKEA via general public transit? How am I heading to buying this flatpack and heavy bookshelf? Will my hands tire keeping and holding this handbag or package for another hour? Do I understand how to require "ISFJORDEN" with proper pronunciation? They are the type of questions we must ask ourselves before, during, and after a trip to the retailer.

Furniture delivery itself is simple to arrange while at any IKEA location, making larger deliveries a reality for those without a car. But what we really desired was to find alternatives for shopping at IKEA without ever having to visit the store.

IKEA Online Store: IKEA's online store is the first place we recommend directing your mouse toward. While not everything we desired was available (12 out of the 15 desired items on our shopping list), the majority of items were. And with shipping starting as low as $27, IKEA's online store was the least expensive option of all five listed here. Price: Starts at $27*

IKEA Picking & Delivery: Certain locations offer a picking and delivery service, where IKEA's staff does the shopping and ships them out for delivery to your door. The pace starts at $149 from our closest IKEA in NYC home. These rates and services vary based after the specific IKEA store, so check your local location for details (some IKEA stores require visiting the store with a shopping list in hand, while others will take orders over the phone). Price: Starts at $149*

IKEA Delivery Alternative: We love using ifurnitureassembly's IKEA shopping service specializing in flatpack furniture delivery. ifurnitureassembly.com Intro: Ikea Furniture Delivery and Assembly Service in NYC. Alternate Ikea Delivery and Assembly Service in NYC, ifurnitureassembly.com/ Ikea is a perfect place for all people who want to create their unique space around without astonishing knowledge or crazy amount of money.

Craigslist: A quick search of those offering IKEA shopping and delivery trips yielded a mixed bag of options. Most listed landed in the realm of $99; we could not find any separating large furniture trips from non-furniture/small items shopping requests, but services offered on Craigslist may vary from city to city. Price: Starts at $99*

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