Apr 9, 2018

How to Use LED Cove Lights in Kitchen?

Kitchen is one of the most important areas of a household. But when it comes to remodeling a kitchen, we tend to prioritize cabinets, hardwares, chimney and lighting is always tracked on as an afterthought. Whereas, experts say lighting is very essential to every space specially a functional one like kitchen.

Invest some time and thought to make your Kitchen look neat and gorgeous. And for that, lighting is very important. Kitchen light that is too bright or dull or wrongly placed is sure to madden you for the years to come. If you like soft, warm glow that gently illuminates the whole place, go for cove lights. Cove lights can add that soothing appeal in your kitchen and breathe life into it.
When you are up for a midnight snack, too much light can be irritating. Cove lighting is a form of indirect lighting, where the light is directed towards the ceiling and the light fixtures are concealed.

Few things to remember before installing cove lights in your kitchen:

1.   Cove light rakes across the surface. So, check the surface of the ceiling with a flashlight. If it looks ugly, you probably should drop the idea of installing it.
2.   Paint all the cove parts before installing. Choose either the colour of the ceiling or the colour of the cove. Touching up a few nail holes after installation is certainly easier than tapping off entire walls.

Here is the guide to light up the kitchen with the help of LED strip lights:

Accent lighting from concealed location near ceiling:
The topmost portions of the interior can be filled up with cove lights as they are the source of ambient illumination. Every kitchen has some space above the window or cove ceilings or built-in cabinets where cove lights can be rightly fixed for elegant yet ambient lighting effects.

Light up towards the ceiling:
The space above cabinets is an excellent space to create a warm, gentle glow. Linear light strips disperse itself along the surface of the ceiling and spread out even glow that added to the general lighting creates a soothing mood. The illusion of a source less light can be created here. The light hides the top cabinet, shines up the wall and fills up the top corner space between the wall and the ceiling.

Light inside the kitchen cabinet:
Most of the modern kitchens have interior recessed halogen lights incandescent provides an excellent supplemental “white light” source. In cabinets you can use some other lights to add that extra glam. A golden light can be used to separate it from the general lighting and look more stylish.

Use pendant cove lighting:
Pendants are ideal over kitchen islands and dining areas to bring a warmer lighting effect. It is like a spotlight but evenly spread enough to light up the table. They provide light at a lower level in the room than recessed ceiling fixtures. Hang the pendants approximately 40 inches above the tabletop so they are not in the sight of an average person sitting or standing in the space.

Too many lights hanging from the ceiling can look very clumsy. One pendant is enough to illuminate the space well. Kitchen has become much more than just a place for food preparation. So, make sure the lighting is task-oriented, ambient and friendly. The lighting should comfort the eyes.

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