Apr 6, 2018

6 Remarkable Ideas to Set Up the Perfect Lounge to Chill Out in Your Next Event

Event lounges have become the respite zone that show attendees that you care. They can be incorporated into any kind of event starting from corporate meetings, trade shows and dance parties to outdoor events and weddings.
Lounges not only work as a makeshift oasis for the event attendees especially if there is a lot of walking and standing involved but they also assist in networking. Creating a relaxed ambience in an event can be conducive to getting things flowing as planned.

Irrespective of your space or budget restriction, lounges can be of great help and all you need are just a few pieces of accents or décor pieces that can look welcoming and intentional. Here are some of the tips for setting up the perfect lounges that your attendees will love.

  • Lounges at the Rooftop – You can create an open air lounge with roof-top view or higher outdoor space. You can go for low sofas with soft cushions that will scream comfort to the attendees. Obviously the attendees will love to relax here and engage in networking. This will provide the much-needed break to the attendees in a conference or work party and inspire them to come together at a scenic setting.
  • Igloo Lounges – These are mini lounges that are created in the shape of igloo made of transparent materials like glass. These are excellent for creating outdoor lounges without worrying about the weather. These can be filled with any kind of decor that you want specially the crisp traditional English furniture that can be set against a vivid cityscape. These are just ideal for the winter events. 
  • Musical Lounges – You can add an interactive factor to the lounge by designing the lounge around a live band of musicians. These types of corporate lounges can incorporate a number of different features that make these successful. From the furniture arrangements to the aerial décor you can go for anything and it will be conducive for different breakaway groups to relax and make full use of the space. 
  • Hollywood Lounges – You should add a touch of glitz and glam to the ambience by opting for this one. The multiple quirky seating types the can include circular seating sofas, director’s chairs and set boxes as tables help to take the lounge setting to a whole new level. If you opt for circular chairs then that can also maximise the seating options even in a limited space. 

  • Activate Your Brand – You can advertise your brand through your lounge. You can go for colour coordinated furniture matching with your brand logo in a marquee or tent and that can act as the much need break particularly in case of festivals that involve a lot of walking and standing. Added to that, you can also use surfaces like cushions, table tops signage and banners that can make the space memorable for your event.
  • Themed Lounge –You can make the lounge as part of the larger theme of your event. You can take up any theme like the Flintstones or Jetsons or Adam’s Family or anything else that comes to your mind and recreate it. Go for the right pieces and décor and the lounge can turn out to be the perfect extension of your theme.
The above are some of the ideas for setting up the perfect lounge in your next event. Ensure that you choose and appoint a reputed and reliable company of furniture rental in London so that you can get the perfect pieces without making a dent in your pocket and succeed in creating the perfect milieu for your event. 

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