Apr 25, 2018

Tips to Help Your Living Room Look Brighter, Lighter and Bigger

If you are planning to give your living room an absolute treat then go ahead now. Of course, a well planned and designed living room is always a treat to watch. So, try to add in some beautiful interiors which would never let you stay out from admiring your own room. Include pillars and wooden flooring in your living room, which would offer a cabin like experience. Whatever you do, make sure that in order to create a great living space you need to be clear about your objectives.

First and foremost if you are starting afresh then you get a huge scope to design your living room as you have dreamt of. Secondly, if it’s a renovation, you need to identify the areas and then draft a wish list accordingly.  Here are a few important tips that would help you design your living room:

Decide on the Right Place

Come with an idea that would work both visually and practically. Try and establish the idea which you have already thought of. If your living room is an open plan or large then zone the space accordingly. With the help of fretwork panels, screens, pieces of furniture and its strategic positioning, you can divide as well as subdivide the living room area into smaller zones.

If you plan to have an open space, maybe a new extension, then work on the position of the kitchen. Depending on this, it would dictate the position of the dining arrangement. To segregate the zones, use rugs using the idea of open shelving.

Work According to the Shape

If you have got a rectangular, long room then it’s obvious that both dining space and living area will be combined. Set your sofa right in the middle where you can put a console table at the back. This would automatically create a focal point along with display room and space for table lamps. As it is a long and rectangular room forming an L-shape can be simply divided into zones. The smaller part can be set as a home office or maybe a dining area.

If your room is a square one then it would have a boxy look, thus creating a focal point becomes more important. Choose a bold design for your curtains and then place the sofa right in front of the window.

Use Mirrors

In order to add a brand new perspective to your living space mirrors will be a brilliant pick. Mirrors bounce the light around the entire room thereby creating an illusion of a spacious room.  Usually, more or less everyone has pretty good thoughts on where to hang a mirror in the home. In fact, the ideas often turn to be more versatile than people usually think it to be.

Use Lightweight Fabrics

If you want your living room to be airy and calm then try avoiding the heavy materials because they make your room look heavier. It is said that heavy fabrics or materials tend to absorb the maximum light. So, choose lightweight fabrics for your living room like light linen curtains that would make the room feel well-ventilated, light and airy.

These tips would work brilliantly if you try them in your new apartment. Like, if you are in Kolkata and planning to shift to a new location then this is the right time for you to try out new ideas. Usually 1 BHK flat would require such ideas because here living rooms are small and need tips to look spacious. For example, in Kolkata, if you buy a 1 BHK flat near IIM Joka, then make sure you help yourself with the abovementioned ideas.  

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