Apr 30, 2018

8 Ways to Hang Anything on your Wall

There are countless ways to decorate your home with pictures, mirrors shelves and heirlooms. With such methods you need to consider the type of fastening that’s best suited to your decor choices to ensure they not only look good – but are safe and don’t damage your walls.
Staying well under the weight allowance for your hooks is a sure fire way to ensure you don’t get startled by any nasty surprises. Read on to discover what methods there are to hang a variety of objects on your wall:

Mirrors: Use Mirror Clips

Mirror clips are a fantastic for handing a mirror of any weight on to a wall. However hanging circular or oval mirrors can be a little trickier as you need to be more considerate on where to install the clips. Hander clips with elongated screw holes are great because you can slide along a fastener and is a very cost effective method for hanging a mirror.

To hang a mirror – hold your mirror the exact place you want it to hang, and then trace with a pencil around the top and bottom edges to measure out your mirror placement. Install two clips along the bottom and two more clips at the top. Place the mirror in the two bottom clips; push the mirror against the wall, then slide the top two clips over the mirror edge.

Masonry: Concrete anchors

If you happen to have concrete or blog walls then you’ll need concrete wall anchors. These anchors can support heavy items such as a TV, large picture frame or heavy memorabilia.

TIP: A masonry drill bit with a cross tip design allows for easier and smoother drilling into dense materials such as concrete.

TVs: Mounting Bracket

Although TV’s are becoming flatter and more lightweight, a solid bracket is still required when installing them on to a wall.

Ensure your bracket fits the size of your TV – some brackets are also stationary or dynamic which lets you move the TV round for a different view. Before hanging your TV it’s good to observe if you want the cords to dangle down or fish them through your wall (which can be a tricky job and requires patching it up). Brackets require securing them into wall studs using lag bolts which are usually supplied with the bracket set you purchase.

Tapestry: Tapestry clamps

The cleanest and best way to hang tapestry is to use a set of tapestry clamps – if you were to drive nails through your tapestry this can result in some nasty holes which can elongate all the way down upon being hung.

Tapestry clamps solve this problem by fastening them to the wall then clamping them onto some tapestry to hold them in place. Ensure you rotate your tapestry every couple of months to prevent uneven fading and stress on one direction of the fabric.

Heavy picture frames: Picture/French Cleats

Open back pictures are notoriously difficult to hang in place. Cleats are a fantastic solution as all you need to do is attached one piece of the interlocking bracket to the top and back of your picture. The second piece gets fastened to the wall and the picture can then be mounted on the cleat.

Light pictures and hooks: Command strips

Command adhesives are on the rise due to leaving no visible damage or residue – making them perfect for rented properties.

The regular Command strips work well in most indoor surfaces and locations, whilst the clear strips work best on very smooth surfaces. If you’re planning to hang something outside or in your bathroom, be sure to get the strips rated for outdoor use or bathroom use. Every pack also contains a recommended weight so keep your hanging item weight in mind to avoid any nasty breakages.

Trays, plats and quirky items: Disc Hanger

Disc hangers are perfect for adding decorative/collectable plates but are also great for other pieces of wall decor.

Clean your decor/plate with soapy water to prevent any contamination that might affect the adhesion. Dampen the adhesive side of the disc hanger and rub between your hands to get the glue activated. When the adhesive is in a tacky state - apply it to your wall firmly and leave to dry for a full 24 hours before use. Most disc hangers come with rings that can be used to determine the strength of the adhesion (and succession).

Wooden items: Picture wire

A picture wire is an old classic form of hanging a picture frame on your wall and is great if you already have nails in your wall to hang your decor from.

Simply attach D-rings to either side of your frame (we recommend a quarter of the way down from the top of the frame) and hook your wire from each side – adjust the wire as necessary to ensure it fits, then knot the wire to secure it.


Christina is a marketing executive for Drill Service – founded in the 60’s specialises in a variety of cutting and drilling tools, and are specialists in deep hole and micro hole drilling down to 0.05mm. They stock European and US-based brands, as well as manufacture their own specials for an array of jobs and uses.

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