Apr 25, 2018

Incorporate Themes Into Your Decor

Build Better Design For Your Home's Interior With Repeated Motifs

Pull your decorating ideas and elements together with themes. Using motifs to create that finished look is one of the secrets of good interior design.

From the traditional to the humorous, creating an inviting and compelling home environment is the goal of any decorator. With all of the many tools at your disposal, what is the best way to finish a room, make it memorable, and still retain its fundamental feel? Detail.

Use Detail to Your Advantage

Style is about knowing how to use detail to your advantage. Writers, painters, and other artists recognize that repeated themes and metaphors make their works richer, deeper, and more significant. That same philosophy works with décor.

You understand about the importance of color, but do you understand about the importance of theme? Theme is repeated in a well designed home the same way color is used to enhance, showcase and contrast other elements. Whether it is a shape, like a heart, an image, like a fictional character, or an idea, like love, using theme can be the common thread that joins disparate elements in your home, and makes a statement about both you and your family.
Create a Focal Point

Start with a focal point, one quality representative object displayed in a prominent place. Organize wallpaper, coffee table books, upholstery or curtain fabric around the colors and ideas associated with that object. Extend that vision to other tastefully grouped objects that are related to your focal point. Bathrooms and kitchens are excellent places to indulge in more dramatic groupings, while living and family rooms can reflect more subtle touches on mantels, specialty tables, and in designer alcoves. Try grouping odd numbered objects together and varying the height and size of objects. Use complementary colors to create interest, and try pairing different textures too.

Extend Your Theme

Blend bold touches with subtler reflections of your theme in sheets, curtains, and tablecloths. You will be able to create unity among hundreds of different objects by using this technique. Remember to always create a focal point and then add objects that enhance the effect you are trying to create. Use this technique, and you won’t have to worry about creating a cluttered look. Try to vary the sizes of your display objects, and illuminate them attractively. Indulge in curio cabinets that will showcase your unique and interesting collections while providing a dust free and beautifully illuminated environment for them.

Don't Forget Your Collections

Integrate figurines, candles, and curios into your design. Build a collection that will make a statement, make people think, or laugh out loud. Use your imagination, and visitors to your home will be given a rare opportunity to catch a glimpse of the real you, while enjoying the attractive and pleasant environment you have created for yourself.

If you have ever hesitated purchasing figurines or curios, wondering how you could make the best use of them, try this decorating technique and indulge your desire to start a collection. If you are a collector, incorporate your collections into your home décor and bring your passions into your living space. If you want to personalize your home and give your decor depth, cohesiveness, and flair, create themes in your decorating, and display objects that extend those themes throughout your home.

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