Dec 19, 2020

8 Home Ideas for Adding Green Spaces


Working from home has its fair share of perks and pitfalls, especially for those in the city.
You likely have your own office set-up in the comforts of your house or apartment, where you are free to decorate your area and remodel it according to your preferences. However, being in the middle of a concrete jungle might make you long for the outdoors. You may be yearning for the arresting beauty of nature and the tranquility that the lush greenery brings.

In recent decades, the need for plant life in the city has been solved by what experts call a “green space.” This area has efficiently utilized natural resources with eco-friendly construction materials, delivering comfort and calm while maximizing floor areas and ensuring air quality. These green spaces also minimize the expected negative impacts of infrastructure development on nature.

Living in a green building not only helps the environment, but it also helps boost one’s mental health. A report by NASA’s Earth Observatory revealed that citizens from Denmark who grew up in green spaces only had a 55% chance of developing mental health disorders later in life.
Green Spaces in the Philippines

Green spaces are certified by the Philippine Green Building Council (PhilGBC). In its advocacy of empowering green spaces and sustainable building operations, and to answer the call for environmental sustainability, the council has created the Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence (BERDE) rating system.

The BERDE rating system ensures that real estate properties around the country follow the criteria of the PhilBBC. To understand what kind of green spaces they allow, you can check out some green condominiums for sale and see for yourself the ingenuity of Filipino design when it comes to sustainable living.

The Art of Green Living

While you browse through Pinterest looking for your ideal condominium look, you can beautify your own space with the touch of a green thumb through several different ways. In this article, we give you tips on how to add green space to your home and make your vision come to life.

1.    Place some plants in your balcony.


If you are lucky enough to have your own terrace or balcony, you could design this area by putting a coffee table and some chairs and sprucing it up with plants. The balcony has enough ventilation and light, which is perfect for plant life.

As you relax in your own space, your plants will thrive under the sunlight as well as your loving care. Light up your balcony and install some creepers to transform your space into a canopy.

2.    Add a hanging garden to your room.


If there is not enough space in your surroundings because of your furniture, you can place a hanging garden from your ceiling and see the green unravel. Mix and match the plants you can use by planting oregano or rosemary using easy-to-find materials. You can also use old lightbulbs to decorate your room with DIY hanging planters.

3.    Create a mini garden on your windowsills.


Fill your windowsills with plants to create the perfect mini garden. Cacti, geraniums, and jade plants flourish under the sun, particularly for windows that face south.
If the room does not let in much light, you can also place flowers that grow in the shade, including peace lilies, orchids, and flame violets. Amplify your green space by putting multiple rows of plants in a small area.

4.    Install plants into a wooden rack.

Another way of maximizing space in your apartment is by strategically placing plants in a wooden shelf or rack. You can use plants such as rosemary, mint, or thyme, which you can also use in the kitchen. It will be a refreshing mix of beauty and functionality that will make your condominium look serene and organic.

5.    Add some flora to your furniture.
You can never go wrong with inside it. Not only does it look chic, but it also boosts the appeal of your furniture. The resulting design is revitalizing and cool.

6.    Place some terrariums.


A terrarium is a sealable glass container that contains plants and soil. You can place terrariums in your living room or bathroom and open the glass for maintenance. You can also add it to your hanging garden by putting succulents into a glass that hangs from the ceiling.

7.    Revel in the warmth of an earthy interior design.
If you opt for minimalism when it comes to plant life, you can choose to redecorate your interior design and add earthy and green colors to your walls and furniture. The combination of white, green, and brown can transform your space into a lively room with a warm and uplifting aura.

For instance, mint green walls can be used to contrast against wooden floors, which you can use in the kitchen and the living room. This wood combination can also work in the bedroom if you use the right materials. The result is a summer cabin in the city.

8.    Create a vertical garden.
What is the difference between a vertical garden and a hanging garden? A vertical garden, when executed correctly, can look like a verdant mural on your wall. This aesthetic can be done even in homes with small rooms, as it does not take up too much space.

Layer the wall with the same plants to avoid a disorganized look or add various floral accents to create a unique look.

The Importance of Green Spaces

Adding a green space is a must for urban planning, mostly because of its benefits to the community. It encourages restoration and renewal, especially for those who experience over-stimulation because of the hustle and bustle of the city. Additionally, green spaces can decrease air and noise pollution, boost the immune system by giving exposure to good bacteria, and provide spiritual respite.

Transform your life by renovating your surroundings. Be part of crafted communities with sustainable living by creating a green space for yourself. Green is the new luxury.

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