Dec 19, 2020

Can You Have Your AC as the Main Source in the Winter



Making sure your home is warm at this time of year, especially with the current looming Covid state, is priority number one. There’s a number of options on the market, but if HVAC is your choice then there are some things you should know about maintaining your unit to ensure it provides a steady service during the cold months.

I wanted to use my AC unit this winter as my main heating source so I talked to experts at the Allied Experts to learn more about what I need to do to ensure I am covered 24/7 without any major or unexpected malfunction.

Check Your Air Vents

It’s not only the clear way for air to flow that matters, but also the quality of that air. If you want to ensure you have both, and more importantly if you want your AC to perform well and not spend more energy than needed, then this simple cleaning method will bring great results. When you clean your home you should remember to check your air vents.

This way you will enable an unobstructed flow of air inside your living space and be one step closer to fully relying on your AC. Not only that, the quality of air is maybe even more important because you want to reduce the risk of any illness at these difficult times.

Don’t Forget About Air Filters

Air filter Is probably a part of your HVAC that requires the most attention. You should remember to clean it at least twice a year and replace it maybe once a year, depending on the use. This is important for a number of reasons. Yet again, the quality of the air you breathe plays a major role here, but also you want your AC to provide desired heat without pushing itself to work harder which can happen if air filters are clogged and preventing proper airflow. Ignoring this problem that can be quickly resolved is not an option.

Is The Thermostat Working?

A malfunctioning thermostat on HVAC is not the biggest deal, but it might still cause trouble and hinder the overall performance. If you have any doubts that it is showing a wrong temperature you should recalibrate it, change batteries, or if you are using an old mechanical thermostat, this is the perfect time to replace it with a new, digital one. By doing so you’d enable a much more user-friendly experience that allows you to manipulate temperatures in your home even when you are away.

Check the Insulation

No matter how expensive an AC unit you own is and how well you maintain it, you should not expect stellar performance if the living space is not insulated properly. No amount of energy spent can compensate for cracks in your walls or windows that are going to suck out most of the heat. This issue is not directly connected to your AC, but to ensure a warm home you need to double-check everything is insulated properly before putting the blame on your unit which might be in perfect condition.

Outdoors Unit

Many people neglect that other part and take it for granted, but the outdoors unit also needs some love especially during the cold months when you plan to put it to heavy use. What you need to do is prepare it for winter to prevent pipes from bursting. Ice can form inside and prevent fans from rotating properly. The best course of action here is to call a professional to prepare your outdoor unit before you can safely use it for the remainder of winter.

Professional Help

If you don’t feel comfortable performing any of these tasks you should schedule a visit from a pro to help. Since every AC unit needs regular maintenance, you can also arrange for someone to come over before the start of every season you plan to put the HVAC to use. This way you will secure the best performance.

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