Dec 17, 2020

Five ways to look stylish with a Full Sleeve T-shirt for men

A versatile piece of men’s fashion, T-shirts have become one of the most staple elements in every man’s closet. Full sleeve T-shirts are something which a lot of guys don’t own in their wardrobes. However, a Full-sleeve T-shirt is a fashion-forward addition to have in your wardrobe.

A smart-casual piece, full sleeve T-shirts are available in different shades, styles, and sizes to look nifty and relaxed.

How your T-shirt should fit

This easy-to-wear basic outfit can also be the most challenging item in your wardrobe when choosing the right size. That’s because if it’s too tight, it will cling to you and highlight the body parts you want to hide, and if it’s too loose, it will look like a nightshirt. Here are some features you need to focus on.

●    Arms – the shirt’s sleeves should be at the upper arm’s center between the shoulder and the elbow without the sleeves being too tight.
●    Torso – length of the T-shirt must fall below the beltline.
●    Shoulders – ensure that the seams of your Tee are in line with your shoulder line.
●    Stomach – the midsection can be difficult to tackle as you might find it easy to opt for a bigger size, especially if you don’t have a six-pack. At such time, if your T-shirt fits well except the middle, go a size up but choose a slim cut.

That said, here are five different ways to look stylish with full sleeves T-shirts.

1. Comfortable and smart

Men’s fashion is connected to smart casual, making the outfit transitional. For a sporty, stylish appearance, pair long-sleeved T-shirt with chinos. Choose a color block T-shirt or go with a single solid colored long T-shirt that is simple and comfortable but still gives you a cheerful personality.

2. Dare to Experiment

If you are willing to experiment with your whole look, then match your T-shirt with a printed, patterned, or graphic T-shirts. This will give off a complete “bad boy” vibe to your look.

Ideally, we recommend going for classic contrasting shades of grey and navy blue. Such colors are tried and tested to work wonders on men’s style. It emphasizes masculinity and is ideal for men who want to look sportive on a lazy day. Kick up your fashion quotient a notch by matching the T-shirt with ripped or faded skinny jeans. The key is to choose the right contrast.

3. Don’t overdress the look

Planning a casual date or attending a formal event? You certainly don’t want to appear overdressed. The best way is to go for a neutral look. On such occasions, it is better to go for a black long sleeve shirt with a criss-cross drawstring on the neck for an elegant look. Layer it with a plaid designed dinner jacket. It not only enhances your look but also adds a twist to the usual stagnant wardrobe.

4. Weekend wear

The weekend is for family and friends and a very much about “me” time. To look and feel your best, pair your T-shirt with blue and black shorts. You can also go for Raglan long sleeve shirts that are available online for men giving your wardrobe a whole new personality. Complete the look with a pair of white sneakers.

5. Holiday look

Are you looking forward to holiday? Choose an airport outfit that handles fashion and function with absolute ease. After all, it would be best if you had an outfit that is comfortable and easy when you are on the move.

At such times, go with the muted shades of the season. The polyester long-sleeve T-shirt with ripped sweatpants is best recommended for a comfortable airport look. Also, pair some great sneakers to add a neat vibe to your whole look. Choose from the collection of reds, green, blue, and other brighter colors.


Full sleeve T-shirts is undoubtedly one of the evergreen elements in men’s fashion. A timeless and versatile clothing piece, it serves as the building block for various dress codes. With numerous choices to choose from – style and color, it is vital to make an experiment to create your style and individuality. Pair them with chinos, trousers, desert boots, loafers, and much more – the options are limitless.

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