Dec 21, 2020

Home renovations you can do in winter

Painter with a brush climbing a ladder during renovation work
The winter season is usually not associated with home remodeling projects. However, we will show that you can do many home renovations in winter - either as a DIY project or with professional help. Due to coronavirus, most of us won't go on any vacation or participate in outdoor activities as usual. Without distractions of a busy life, this can be a perfect opportunity to accomplish a lot in a short period of time while you are at home, making it warmer. When stuck inside, cozy up your home and do your best to make that time enjoyable.

Change light fixtures

Early sunsets and the lack of sunlight in wintertime tends to mess with our mood, making us sleepy and less productive. To avoid and prevent it, swap up your old fixtures and bulbs for new ones, preferably energy efficient. Improving your lighting can help you improve your mood. In case your space is limited, letting in a lot of natural light and adding appropriate lighting fixtures can help make your rooms look and feel more spacious. Bright wall colors and mirrors will also help make such an impression.

Repaint walls

Interior painting is usually done in spring or summer, but late winter can be great for those projects, too. Dry air inside the rooms will help a fresh coat of paint dry faster, and you'll probably find better paint prices at your store during these colder days. Paint your home in winter, add some decorations, and enjoy the holiday season in a refreshed space.
Woman painting walls at her home
Dry air inside your home will help a fresh coat of paint dry faster in winter.
Have a spare room? Make it useful

If you have a spare room, you probably use it as a dumping area that needs detailed decluttering. Be productive this winter and transform it into something practical and functional. Here are some ideas of how you can transform your spare room:
•    Walk-in closet you’ve always wanted
•    Guest room
•    Fitness room
•    Kids’ playroom
•    Crafting room/hobby room
•    Home office
•    Study room
•    Home library
•    Game room

Whatever you choose, you’ll still have extra space for your possessions, but they’ll be organized and well maintained.

Kitchen renovations you can do in winter

If you decide to replace your old kitchen countertops, you can be sure it will make a massive impact on your kitchen appearance. It's a perfect cold-weather upgrade for your home. For an elegant touch in your kitchen, choose granite countertops. Do this project by yourself or find a contractor, depending on your budget and skills. You'll probably find a good deal because contractor prices are lower in the winter season compared to other parts of the year.

Replace old drawer pulls and knobs on kitchen cabinets also. You will be amazed at how big of a difference that will make. And the best part – you can do it by yourself with just a little bit of time, in the comfort of your pajamas.

Winter slowly makes us crave colorful and warm places, and we often seek distraction from the dreariness outside in our kitchen, cooking gourmet dishes or baking delicious cookies. Replace the kitchen backsplash and introduce playfulness into space. This project is not expensive and can be done in one weekend.

Kitchen with granite countertops and a flower vase on it
For an elegant touch in your kitchen, replace old countertops with new granite ones.

Choose new bathroom faucets

Bathroom renovations and plumbing replacement are definitely not something you want to deal with at this time of the year. The key is to focus on something small that will eventually make a big difference. For example, replace the bathroom faucets. Tackle this project one afternoon, and by the evening, you'll already have refreshed space. It will also help you in conserving water.

Reinsulate your home

Protection from cold should be your primary focus in winter renovation tasks. To ensure that your rooms are warm even when the temperature outside drops below zero, reinsulate your home. That will ensure you don't spend the entire season paying enormous utility bills. However, such endeavors require a significant financial investment. How big of an expense it will be will depend on many factors such as:
•    Type of insulation you want
•    What elements you are adding insulation to
•    Required square footage

This project will be worth it since it will significantly impact your comfort and your home's energy efficiency.
Chairs and fireplace in the center of a cozy, elegant living room
Renovations you can do in winter will make your home warm and cozy.

Think about safety

Months at the end of the year and months at the begging of a new year are peak months for house fires. That’s why you need to think about evaluating and then upgrading your home’s safety features such as smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and such. They should be tested often and replaced approximately every five to six years. Remember to replace them on time and, if possible, upgrade to a newer, improved model with better features.

Bonus tip: This is also the perfect time to check and clean (and if needed, replace) the filters on your AC unit, kitchen ventilators, etc.

Energy-efficient solutions

Installing a few eco-conscious energy-efficient upgrades in your home is always a good idea. Managing heat retention is your priority for the winter season, so consider upgrading your furnace or your HVAC unit to a more energy-efficient model. You will see a significant positive effect on your bills right away. Switch your single pane windows to the dual-pane or triple-pane ones. Seal all drafts, not only around windows and doorways but also around electrical switches and outlets. Use caulking, weatherstripping, and insulating foam when needed. To add a final touch to your warm and cozy home, buy thermal insulating curtains.  

Smart home upgrades

If you’re not up for any renovations you can do in winter, at least upgrade your home’s tech. You can do it entirely on your own, and it will improve your everyday life.

If you're just starting with smart home technology solutions, the good idea is to start with something basic, like a smart speaker and a smart thermostat. Depending on the features, a smart thermostat can allow you to control the air conditioner in your house from your smartphone. It will learn from your behavior and routines and adjust the temperature automatically. That can help you cut down on energy use and lower your electricity bills again. Moreover, smart cameras enable you to monitor your home remotely, also from your phone. They will send you an alert if you're out when something critical happens. A smart door lock is an excellent feature for those who often panic because they can't remember if they have locked the door.


With any of these home renovations you can do in winter, you will keep your home not only warm and cozy but also protected and smart. Enjoy the winter!



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