Aug 20, 2020

Finding the Right Company to Paint Your Home

These difficult times extended our stay at home more than we wanted. Looking at the same old furniture and walls can be quite boring. If you want to make your life more interesting and bring some fresh air into your work-from-home routine you can remodel your home or give the walls a fresh coat of paint. This amazing idea came from a renowned painting company from Houston so I decided to take their advice and give my walls some new looks.

This simple act of recoloring your walls can be demanding because you can’t decide what color to pick or even how to do the job, luckily, you can refer to professionals and let them do their magic. Here’s what you need to consider when picking the right people to paint your home.

Ask The Right Questions

You can always go online and pick the first company you see, but you can also do some research, read comments, and ask people who already used their services. Don’t be afraid to ask everything you want to know, it is your money and your house, so it is in your best interest to get the service you want. Feel free to express your dislike towards certain ideas, and try to be as clear and direct with your demands, because after all it is you who is going to be looking at these walls every day.


Some people don’t care about a license only to be disappointed when they need to pay for a poorly done paint job. A license ensures that the contractor is permitted by the state to do the job and can be held responsible if the outcome is not what the customer was promised. This form of insurance for the customer is important because you can rest assured that you are going to get what the company marketed, and if not, you can choose not to pay.

Track Record

This correlates with the investigation I mentioned above. Before you pick the right company, you should check their track record and read customers’ comments online. You can also check if people posted some before/after pictures of their homes. This will give you some reassurance and confidence that the job will be executed right.


This is important because painting includes physical work inside your home, and if the workers are not insured then you are solely responsible for compensating for potential injury treatment costs. Accidents aren’t so frequent in this line of work, but they still can happen, and some shady businesses would rather avoid insuring their workers to save a few bucks, but in reality, you don’t want to bear that kind of responsibility.


Before you say yes you need to know how many workers will come, what sort of tools will they use, and most importantly, what type of paint? They need to offer an estimate of the time needed to finish the job. When you gather all these details you can plan the rest of your day according to the information provided by the company.

The Price

Price is in most cases the determining factor whether you choose to invest in a product or a service. My advice is to avoid the cheapest option because then you can’t expect some stellar performance, but if you don’t care much then that’s ok. When you consider the cost it’s better to first check what previous customers have to say about the company and choose the one you think is going to do the best job even if the price is different from what you expected. After all, you don’t paint your house every day, the quality of the service should win over a low price.


Just like any item or service you pay for you want to have some sort of warranty. Even if you manage to find painters you like, you can’t be 100% sure that you are going to be happy. That’s what a warranty is for, to ensure both parties leave satisfied.

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