Aug 28, 2020

Kitchen Appliances Trends in 2020

Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen? Considering we have been spending more time at home these months, chances are you are cooking more and spending more time in the kitchen, so why not as well add some fancy new improvements to make your meal preparation more efficient and pleasant.

You can use the money you saved from not eating out so much and invest in a new kitchen gadget. Every season brings new trends, and these are the must-haves in the kitchen for this season. Here are a few that home appliance showrooms really like, so you can choose the ones that best fit into your needs.

The Steam Is Rising

One of the trends that has just started becoming popular is steam ovens. It has not been so widespread, but this way of cooking is definitely gaining popularity. In this first place, if you are looking for healthier ways of preparing food, without wanting to sacrifice the taste, this is the right method for you.

It also guarantees super clean results with no oil. As more and more people start using steam ovens, we are sure new advantages of this appliance will come up along the way.

Something New Is Cooking

As you can see, steam cooking is on the rise, but with multi-cooker, that is only one of the options you can choose. Multi-cooker as a new trend is also a consequence of the tendency to eat healthier, which does not only imply healthier ingredients, but also healthier methods of preparation.

That is where multi-cooker enters the scene, offering the already mentioned steam-cooking options, as well as a slow cooker and many others. It is super healthy, fast, practical, and offers so much variety. No wonder this trend is growing so fast.

The Ice Age Is Here

As you can guess, the next major trend is related to refrigerators which are undergoing a set of innovations. The new generations of fridges are better adapted to your other kitchen processes. The handle will become a thing of the past with the surge of new smart technologies.

Another important novelty are going to be food zones, some of which will be more or less flexible. The fridges are equipped with different compartments adapted to various sets of foods and ingredients, some of which will be exclusive for only one type of food, while others will be suitable for more different ingredients.

It's All Connected

We mentioned smart technologies coming out of your fridge, but not only. Another 2020 trend when it comes to kitchen appliances is a Wi-Fi connection to all of your kitchen devices. This means you are able to set everything, from the timing and temperature of your stove, to the temperature in your fridge, as well as a microwave and other appliances, from your smartphone. This is a very convenient new trend which helps you optimize the usage of electricity and align all your kitchen work, which also enhances the safety in your home.

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