Aug 25, 2020

5 Reasons Why businesses should utilise professional security guard services


Would you rather train a security team or hire security guard services in London? Find out why most UK companies are outsourcing security in our brief review.

Recognising your employee’s progress is essential, and planning team-building events is still better. However, if people don’t feel safe in the workplace, these efforts will go to waste. Productivity can suffer and you may even incur losses due to external or employee theft, having the expertise to plan for risk mitigation and future proofing your security needs is essential. That’s why you need a security plan for your business.

Here are the top five reasons why outsourcing security is your best option:

Enjoy reduced liability

Giving someone a security badge and the authority to stop and apprehend suspects is a big deal. You run the risk of legal action if the security guard misuses this power, not to mention potential brand damage, and that is clearly a scenario that every business owner wants to avoid. Outsourcing your security, on the other hand, comes with fewer risks. The guards are not under your insurance. That means that generally the security firm is directly responsible for their employees, bringing you peace of mind.

Save money by hiring security guard services in London

Hiring and training a security team is not cheap. You’ll need expensive equipment, uniforms, insurance and to fund salaries during the training period including the responsibility of replacement officers to cover your teams’ holiday and sickness. Then there are HR issues, promotions and raises to worry about when dealing with an in-house security team. Hiring a security guard service is significantly cheaper than trying to build one from scratch. You get immediate access to experienced personnel who are ready for the job on day one. Best of all, you don’t need to do any background checks, interviews or deal with training.

Greater peace of mind

If the workplace feels safe, employees will be more productive, happy and responsible. And that means you’ll have one less thing to worry about as a business owner. For example, if a security officer cannot make it to work for whatever reason, you won’t even notice since a replacement will be covering their post. The security firm handles the substitution internally, obviating the need for your HR team to intervene.

If this situation happened in an internal security team, you would have to scramble to find a replacement, either by overworking the remaining team members or using expensive agency staff.

Better monitoring and reports

Most business have an array of security cameras, but relatively a few of them use this resource to catch security issues before they get out of hand. Security firms train their staff to identify signs of criminal activity and stop it before it happens. That includes spotting concealed weapons, distressed people and also other risks such as fires before it is too late.

If there is any unfortunate event of criminal activity in your business, the security company can provide a detailed report of the incident. And that makes the situation so much easier for the police to handle.

The bottom line

Hiring a security company is a better choice than running an in-house team. The security firm comes with better technology, more experience and a larger workforce. This combination will help your business save money, boost productivity and bring peace of mind. All you need to do is find a company with values aligned with yours; one that is willing to be flexible, understand and mitigate your risks and has outstanding reviews. Find a security company to be a partner to your business as true partnership builds results!

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