Apr 25, 2017

Perks and Maintenance Tips of Granite Countertops for Your Kitchen

Are you thinking of renovating your kitchen? A stylish worktop can make all the difference and take your kitchen décor to the next level. These worktops not only have an ostentatious look but are also very durable and heat-resistant. Moreover you can perform all kinds of tasks on it like kneading dough, preparing roll-out cookies and several other things.

Granite has come over as the stunning and the most preferred material for your kitchen countertop. It is one of the hardest stones available. Made from volcanic magma, this one is so sturdy and tough that it will last through wear and tear and that too for many years. Available in a variety of colours granite worktops have been the first choice for many.

Here are some of the major perks of choosing granite over the other worktop materials.

  • Cost-efficient – First and foremost is the fact that granite is the number one choice for most budget-conscious home-owners.  This is because it does not need refinishing year after year. This way they eliminate the need for costly repairs through years which helps you to save a lot of money. Granite is the best bet for those who do not want to spend a lot of money for kitchen maintenance and repairs. 
  • Requires the Least Maintenance – Who doesn’t want to maintain a clean and neat kitchen? Since worktop is one of the most important aspects of your kitchen you will definitely want to maintain it. Unlike any other options granite worktops require the least care. You can just put a sealer on it once a year. Yet it remains inviting and intact. The treated granite countertops can last up to ten years or so. 
  • Durable and Beautiful – An inviting kitchen is appreciated by all. Granites possess a great aesthetic appeal. You will find an exquisite range of natural colours here. It can almost be said to be a timeless stone that will remain in place for years together retaining its shape and colour. You can choose from a plethora of colours that will match with the kitchen flooring, cabinets as well as walls. Granite worktops are highly resistant and are not susceptible to heat or scratches. It is also resistant to other hot liquids and stains. 
  • A Pure Natural Substance – This implies that it will not degrade over time and will not have any adverse effects on the occupants. Apart from that if the granite worktops get damaged then they can easily be repaired without any hassle. Thus, granites are a friendly option that will remain in place for a very long time. 
  • Increases the Resale Value of Your Home – If you are thinking of renovating your home for staging it for sale, then installing granite worktops is a must. It will not only enhance the value of your home but will also attract potential customers to pace up the sale. This granite worktop is highly polished and will not fade with time and therefore takes it to the next level.

You can enjoy all these perks only when you choose granite worktop for your kitchen. But installing kitchen worktop does not mean you do not have to go for minimal upkeep as that can give way to a number of adverse situations.

But, in today’s busy schedule, it is quite difficult for homeowners to take care of their home, let alone kitchen. Under such circumstances, you have to select some quick solutions to maintaining them. But as you make scrumptious meals for your children it is a must that you maintain the hygiene level of your kitchen for your family as it is a concern for their health.

Keeping the countertops spick and span is of utmost importance. It becomes a daunting experience for some to remove stains from countertop that is made of marbles and other materials. But thankfully, for granite you do not have to lose your sleep. It calls for a super-easy maintenance program at amazingly low price. This is what makes granite the ideal kitchen countertop the number one choice for many. 

Below are enlisted some of the most essential tips to take care of your granite worktops in the best possible way. Just take a few minutes to go through them. This will help you understand the things that are to be done and those not to be done when you have a granite worktop for your kitchen.

  • ·Avoid Dish Soaps – Dish soaps do not permanently damage the granite tops. But as repeated usage can damage almost anything, you should not use dish washers on a regular basis.
  • ·Specially Formulated Stone Cleaner – This type of a cleaner is a must-have for your kitchen so that you can keep the worktops in the best condition for years together and protect the sealer.
  • ·Use of Trivets and Hot Pads – This is something that is of great significance. Granite worktops facilitate you to place hot pots directly on the worktops. But just to ensure that your countertops last for many years to come you should always use trivets and hot pads.
  • ·Use of Untreated Dust Mop – For cleanliness and maintenance you should be very careful. You should always use a non-treated and dry mop. Apart from that, in case you are thinking of using a vacuum cleaner take extra precautions and make sure that you use it properly.
  • Use Cutting Boards – You should use cutting boards always. This will ensure that the worktop is not scratched and is able to keep the shine of the surface for years to come.
  • Avoid Generic Cleaners - Try to avoid generic cleaning products like that of vinegar, bleach, glass cleaners, ammonia, de-greasers or other general household cleaners.
  • Avoid Standing in the Worktops – This is something that you must keep in mind. You should always avoid standing on your worktops. This will assist you in keeping the worktops neat, scratch-free and clean for years to come.

If you follow the above tips you will be able to ensure that you can use granite which is one the best kitchen worktops  for years to come without worrying.

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