Apr 22, 2017

Home makeover without spending a dime – “use what you have”

We all want to have beautiful homes with shabby chic interiors that exude a vivid, fresh vibe. However, sometimes we can’t afford (or don’t want) to invest a fortune in expensive furnishings and accessories. The good news is there’s really no need to go over budget for your home to look unbelievable for your family and friends. There are ways to revamp your rooms without spending a dime. Work with what you have around the house, re-purpose and re-use items stored in the basement, and find a new purpose for every little thing you haven’t used for years. Here are some ideas to help you get inspired.

Dress up the walls

One of the coolest ways to revamp a home is by dressing up the walls. In the kitchen, for example, you can create a wall display with some of your favorite dishes. You’re not using them anyway, so why keep the hidden at the back of the cupboard? Bring them out and let everyone admire them every time they come visit. To create some sort of balance, place the biggest plate in the middle; arrange the smaller ones around it to anchor the whole display and make it eye-catching. In the living area, you might want to use other items. Old vinyl disks, for example, might be an excellent idea. They will add a bit of retro inspiration into your home, making it vintage-like with a touch of urban allure. 

Repurpose unused desks

We all have at least one desk that we don’t use anymore. Rather than store in the basement and watch is deteriorate, you can restructure and repaint it, and include in your present home décor. For example, you can make it into a console table.

Place it behind your sofa, and decorate it with candles and flowers. An old desk can also be used as an organizer in the hallway. Include a glass bowl into the mix, and use it for items like house keys, money, and more. If you’re really good at carving wood, you can add shelves and transform it into a shoe organizer. 
Recondition old furniture

Reconditioning old furniture is a great way to redecorate your place without spending a dime. Everyone has at least one old sofa or armchair they don’t use anymore. Why throw it away, when you can include it into the present design? First, you might want to clean it. Second, you can repaint it or cover it with a blanket. Choose shades and nuances that work with the dominant palette you already have in the living. Or, you can make it a new statement piece with bold color – a yellow blanket with black stripes will instantly grab attention; especially if the room is dominated by shades of blue and white.

Architectural elements

Since your basement is more likely packed with doors, shutters, and old windows, why not repurpose them and turn them into architectural decorative elements? Put your creativity to work and use them in the most ingenious way around the house. For example, you can use window panels as photograph frames, and old window glass and wooden doors as base for a coffee table.

Recycled glass bottles as home accessories

Too many empty glass bottles in the basement? Choose some of the simplest and turn them into valuable home accessories. Transparent wine bottles, for example, can be turned into the most ingenious candle holders. Leave the wax to drip over the bottle, and add candles in different color palettes to have a very interesting display. A set of 6 to 8 bottles in the living area, on the console behind the sofa will completely change your room’s vibe. Choose bottles of different dimension to add more movement, and create the illusion of comfort and relaxation. 
There are endless ways to use old elements into your modern home décor. Whether we’re talking about an old sofa, small cot mattress, glass or wooden furniture, there’s no doubt that with a bit of imagination you’ll revamp your home without spending any money. Sometimes all we need to make our current décor scream innovation is imagination.

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