Mar 1, 2016

Lighting & Fabric: A Dramatic Pairing

Tensile fabric retractable roofs are made from a proprietary fabric system that is used for both interior and exterior projects, bringing lighting and fabric together for a dramatic effect.
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Modular designs allow for a greater speed of installation, and tensioned canopies are widely used across the education, healthcare and retail sectors. As a key element of fabric architecture, they have become popular for large structures such as airports and sports arenas, and for smaller venues such as exhibits and even landscaping elements. Not only are tensile structures attractive to the eye, but they can also be more economical than other forms of construction.

The Benefits Of A Retractable Roof

The significant construction cost savings in combination with a number of environmental benefits including improved natural lighting have resulted in increased demand for retractable systems in a wide range of commercial applications. The ease with which these structures can be erected, in addition to their low mass and sheer flexibility in design and styling make them an attractive solution in providing shelter for enclosed spaces.

Fabric structures, together with a variety of other tensile roof systems in the UK and elsewhere can, in general terms, handle winds in excess of 150 mph. They can also accommodate snow loads in the region of 10 kilograms per square metre. For larger and more permanent installations, designers seem to be gravitating towards truss or cable-supported designs, such as those provided by

Some of the benefits of using
fabric retractable roofs include:

•       Permanent structures designed in accordance with British Standards to withstand the elements including wind and rain for all year round use.
•       Blocks 100% of harmful UVA & UVB radiation.
•       Tensile fabric is translucent, allowing in light but reflecting heat, ensuring that even in full sunlight, the space beneath remains comfortable.
•       Tensile fabric roofs are a quick and easy way of covering a large area with minimal disruption.
•       Built in gutter systems control the flow of water and drainage, with options for harvesting rain water by connecting to water butts.

Each tensile roof system is designed, engineered and built to specific environmental standards. It is carefully constructed to ensure maximum impact, allowing in as much light as possible all year round, whilst protecting the area it encloses from the elements and from harmful solar radiation.

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