Mar 14, 2016

How to increase a retail price of your house

Everyone knows that a good makeover can increase the value of some house and help it reach a better retail price. The downside of this situation, however, is that fully remodeling even just one room can take quite heavy toll on your budget, rendering the entire price increase useless. So, is there any way to walk away from this situation with some more substantial sum in your pocket? Sure, just keep your improvements small and simple. 

Clean and De-Clutter 

Nothing drives away potential buyers faster than the combined forces of grime, clutter, and the ages old odor. Selling a clean and good looking house is not only much easier, but you can also score few extra points for your efforts in maintaining it. Be sure, then, to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

  • De-Cluttering. Do your best to rid the house of all the unnecessary and junk items. If you sell them on a garage sale you may even earn some money to finance your future projects. Just try not to suck all the personality out of the house because,if your go overboard, it will end up looking like a barren warehouse.
  • Deep cleaning. Now that you have more space, move all the furniture and deep clean the places you were usually unable to reach during your daily cleaning.
  • Eliminate the sources of odor. Bringing in the flowers and using the air fresheners will simply not be enough. Ask your friend who is not accustomed to living in your house to smell it and help you discover some sources of odor you may have missed. 

Paint the House and Change the Outlets 

Old paint and ancient electrical outlets can go a very long way in making your house look worn out. Fortunately, neither one of these investments is a big one so do your best to check them both. As for the paint, the choice of the colors you are going to use will largely depend on the style you will try to achieve, but contrasting the white ceiling with vibrant-colored walls is currently ruling the world of desirable home interiors so there is no good reason why you should not jump the bandwagon and put your own twist on this concept. 

Change the Lighting 

While you are meddling with the outlets, it would not be a bad idea to see how your lighting holds up. Unless you are purposefully going for the vintage or the rustic look, you should strongly avoid massive chandeliers and lamps. Replace them with more streamlined and modern-looking alternatives. Also, if you are not trying to put your house in the environmental-friendly perspective, you should up the wattage a bit, and make sure all of your rooms are well-lighted and pleasant to eye. 

Buff up the Bathroom and Kitchen 

These two rooms are the rooms potential buyers value the most so be sure to invest all the remaining money in making them functional and good looking.

  • Unclog the drains. If the clog is too far down the pipe, find some reliable plumber from the Inner West to that instead. Just make sure that potential buyers are not drowned in a flood once they arrive.
  • Replace small things like faucets. Also, the more appliances you manage to squeeze in, the better for you.
  • Replace or update the cabinets. Flea markets are filled with them. Still, if you do not find some suitable replacements, the regular “sandpaper-paint” combo can breathe in a new life to any worn out wooden surface so your old cabinets should not be any different.

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