Jun 8, 2017

Choosing The Right Locksmith

We all need services of a locksmith, it can be for anything like for car doors, home locks, office locks etc. It is very important to have a reliable and reputed locksmith. The reliability of the locksmith is very important because if unreliable they may disappoint you at a time where you need them the most.

It is very important to choose the right locksmith because property security is a sensitive area. The shocking part is that UK Locksmith Industry is unregulated. Because there is a lack of awareness and many locksmiths are not qualified or even CRB checked who are trading legally. 

Below is the guide which will help you to choose the right locksmith

1.Know your needs
It is very important to have a clear requirement of service from the locksmith. Those who are experts at fixing car door may not specialize in home door locks and office door locks. It is important to choose the locksmith who can do multitasking with ease.

2. Referrals are a safe bet
If you don't have any previous experience with the locksmith it is advisable to ask references from friends or family They will recommend the best ones who can provide good service at affordable price.

3. A quick search online
Several locksmiths have websites where you can look for their services.  You can choose the best which fulfills your needs. The locksmiths having a website means, they are genuine and you can also see the services, prices, testimonials from clients, complaints etc.

4. Ensure that the locksmith is licensed
Many locksmiths can be qualified and good but at the same time, it is important for them to be honest in their profession. There are several cases of locksmiths sharing the lock with criminal, damaging them etc. It is very important to check whether they are registered and certified by the relevant bodies along with CRB checked.

5. Cost
If you have found a reliable locksmith you need to check the charges quoted by them for their services. Don't be fooled by a low quote. Look for the quality. Try and find out the price for locks and other charges too.

6. MLA Website
In order to find areliable locksmith, you can visit the official website of MLA and search your postcode, enquire about the pricing structure and check their availability. You can also check for the online and offline customer recommendations to be double sure. The companies recommended by MLA websites are regularly inspected.

7. Choose Local instead of National Call Centres
It is suggested to hire a local professional locksmith rather using national call centres to hire a locksmith. They simply pass on the work to anyone in the particular area without a proper security check and also you cannot be sure about the quality of work.They can also charge more than the local MLA licensed locksmith.

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