Jun 8, 2017

Tips to Reduce Your Office Energy Bill

Energy consumption should be everyone’s concern in the workplace. Company leaders have always promoted means and ways to help reduce office energy bill. A simple act of an individual employee to switch off the lights in an unused conference room, for example, can help contribute in lowering the office energy bill. Why is that? Well, this individual act once replicated by most if not all employees would lead to more savings in the process.
These savings, in turn, will mean that company money can be allotted for other things. For one, you can use it for purchasing new equipment that will increase productivity instead of footing a high energy bill.

Seasons and Occasions Affect Your Office Energy Bill

There are numerous reasons why your office energy bill increases. Hot and cold weather, holidays, and company events are just some to name a few. Apart from these occasions, the other days can be spent on encouraging your colleagues to work on a goal that may reduce the use of power supply.

Adjusting to Office Temperature

Knowingly or otherwise, what you do to help yourself adjust to your office temperature can also be a factor in helping reduce your office energy bill. Here are some simple steps for cooling or heating when the need calls for it:

Tips for Cooling

     Unplug electronic equipment that is not in use.
Dormant electronics not only add up to the bill, but they serve as sources of unnecessary heat. When the room becomes warmer than usual, pull plugs of unused equipment. It will prevent overheating of equipment and even fire.
     Adjust your hairstyle.
Keeping your hair up may also mean preventing to up the air conditioning level in the area where you actually work.
     Keep a bottle of water handy on top of your desk.
Nothing beats a gulp of pristine water whenever you are feeling warm in your office.

Tips for Heating

     Choose the right kind of clothing.
Wool or fleece serves as insulators. Fingerless gloves or hand warmers will keep your hands warm while you are working.
     Up with the blinds.
Allowing rays of sunshine to pass through your office window will not only brighten your mood. It will also lessen the need to use a space heater or a heated blanket.
     Good old coffee to the rescue.
Nothing beats a warm coffee that soothes your soul when you’re feeling cold. Otherwise, tea or sipping warm water every now and then may keep you up on your toes in your cold office.

Involvement is Key

No matter how much effort is given by the managers, good intentions will come to naught if cooperation will not be guaranteed. You constantly need to remind yourself to set a good example for your colleagues so everyone will move along the same accord in reducing your office energy bill

Written by the staff of Controlled Aire Heating and Cooling in Moberly, MO

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